Length of Panchakarma

Having trouble deciding how long your Panchakarma (PK) should be? Then try following these simple guidelines. In general, though, the longer you stay, the better the results as ever-deeper levels get cleansed.



If you are not ill and are rather looking for a de-stressing, preventative stay, a seven-to-ten day PK can already help. During the course of your PK various preparatory procedures, such as massages, herbal poultices and herbal- or oil-baths will be given before the detox.

Only one of the five detoxing actions of PK can be included in a seven-day stay, possibly two in a ten-day one. This will depend on your progress, which is closely monitored by the Ayurvedic doctors during your PK.



Should you already have a diagnosis or feel that you are ill, a 14-day PK is the minimum we would recommend. During this period our doctors will be able to include at least two detoxing actions. The additional days are necessary to allow the herbal medicines enough time to work effectively on your system.



Should you wish to address a long-standing and/or chronic health issue, a longer PK is the best solution. During this extended period your body can be thoroughly prepared for the detoxing actions by administering herbal medicines, massages, steam- and oil baths, where necessary.

Of the five detoxing actions in PK, you will receive those best-suited to you, normally at least three, depending on your condition and progress. Ayurveda has different actions for the different imbalances.

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