• My experience doing Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda: This was a really big surprise for me because I have done Panchakarma in north of India, but honestly I feel this is the very best Panchakarma because all the staff were really warm and welcome, the therapists were also warm, kind, always full of smiles and they have magic hands, doing the treatments with love. And especially the fantastic Ayurvedic physicians, they explain and are doing the best job, and Nora and Wayan Tekok who are also the best yoga teachers. The food is healthy and delicious. I am back home and in good health. Ayurveda is my life.

    Sukarmiati, Indonesia
  • A very nurturing experience, despite being fairly new to Ayurveda and have so much to learn. I felt expected, safe, supported and cared which I think is very important. The take home booklet contains fabulous guidance and recipes that are all familiar to us and will be highly helpful as we return to the real world. The professionalism of all the staff is definitely a five star quality.

    Kelly, UK
  • I felt well taken care of, everyone was so friendly and relaxed. Everything was very comfortable. Other guests were relaxed and interesting. The treatments, mostly massages, had an extra feel to it as they were more than regular massages. My health issues and overworked mind were well taken care of. I feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Much thank you to our Ayurvedic physicians, Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna.

    Elizabeth, Netherlands
  • A phenomenal retreat that exceeded all previous retreats I have ever done.

    Brigitte, UK
  • Oneworld Ayurveda has succeeded in blending Panchakarma with five star service and pampering in a beautiful surrounding. The cleansing and healing process takes place in a gentle manner under the caring and watchful guidance of Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna. The staffs are warm, courteous and wonderful. The program is tailor-made for each individual but the way it is organised around common activities like Yoga, cooking demonstrations, Ayurveda talks and group meals promotes sharing and oneness. Cannot think of a better place to have a detox and a break from the hustle and bustle.

    Patricia, Australia
  • I had the "A Taste of Ayurveda" and it was an excellent experience which truly gave me that taste. I will definitely return for a full Panchakarma treatment.

    Brian, Australia
  • This was a wonderful experience. Truly a five-star Ayurvedic treatment centre located in the most beautiful surroundings on the island of Bali. I came exhausted after a particularly intense year of work. The twice daily treatments, the daily Ayurvedic physicians visit really reinforced how 'out' my body and my mind had become. I knew this was a retreat but what I really came to appreciate was what this was 14 days of medical treatments using the Ayurvedic wisdom in which the physicians are highly trained. The doctors feel, see and observe so accurately that I really have developed a huge respect for this system of medicine. To be able to have it delivered in this holistic setting where the food, the place, the weather and the people care for the 'whole of you' is really an unbelievable experience.

    Karen, Australia
  • I came to Oneworld Ayurveda to quiet my anxious mind and gather tools to ground myself. Not only did I achieve these goals, but also learned about the links between my numerous health problems and my Dosha imbalance. Ayurvedic living is all about balance and I feel stronger, happier, healthier, calmer and ready to return to the "real world" now that I know I can balance myself.

    Laura, USA
  • The best place for detox and health problems in such a nice atmosphere to stay in and get healthy! Highly recommended!

    Herman, South Africa
  • Every aspect of the stay contributed to the healing:
    the beauty of the centre
    the cleaner who would place a stuffed dog in front of my book that made me giggle.
    the smiles
    the delicious food.
    the inspired yoga taught by Tekok.
    the expertise and compassionate eyes of the Ayurvedic physicians
    the energy of the therapists
    the bird knowledge of the waiter Swanedi.
    I am profoundly grateful for this healing place and all who contributed to it.

    Michelle, USA
  • Oneworld is simply an amazing healing sanctuary. It exceeded all my hopes. Down to substantial kilos almost 9 in the 21 days of Panchakarma. And just as importantly is that my mind is calm, emotionally present and I am able to walk infinitely better than when I arrived. This was a fantastic experience and has made me receive the unconditional compassion and care everyone at Oneworld Ayurveda provides daily. I look forward to returning in a year or so for a tune-up. I am excited and confident that I will continue my progress and even more improvement in all areas. Put in as much effort as you can and the lovely folks here will escort you to results that will please you and motivate you further.

    Lorrin, Canada
  • First and foremost taking a break from everyday life and stepping into another environment purposely designed for self-reflection and relaxation was a gift. Despite only being in this beautiful setting for eight days, I feel it has set a path for more conscious living and self-understanding. I arrived completely run down and leave wonderfully revitalised. Thanks to all the amazing staff and management!

    Lisa, Australia
  • This is a great and unique experience. The location beside rice field is beautiful, Dr. Ninnu and the team are very kind and very dedicated, the treatments are very pleasant, relaxing and detoxing, the food enables you to eat in a very healthy way. Lots of vegetables and you travel with the tastes of India. The combination of all these elements makes you feel more relaxed, lighter, more focused and you have new energy.

    Estelle, France
  • My family and I have spent ten wonderful days in Oneworld Ayurveda. We discovered Ayurveda and got great benefits after just a few days; weight loss, more energetic, less joint pain. The Oneworld Ayurveda retreat place is amazing, the food is excellent despite the fact it is vegetarian, Ayurvedic and so on. There is no compromise on the pleasure of great taste, the treatments are diverse, personalised, effective and for most of them, a moment of extreme pleasure and relaxation. The yoga classes are very diverse and you do not feel bored. At the end, I have spent ten days of relaxation and health detox that will hopefully last long. This is not only my opinion, but also the one of all guests during our stay. Thanks so much to Claude and the team. We felt part of a family because the small size of the resort enhances the feeling of being taken care of as a person rather than another guest.

    Frederic, France
  • Oneworld Ayurveda has it all: A stunning location, fabulous facilities, compassionate and caring therapists, knowledgeable professional Ayurvedic physicians, great food and wonderful atmosphere created by the staff. And just as important, it delivers a truly authentic Panchakarma and real results for clients. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a genuine Ayurvedic retreat combined with beautiful and luxurious surroundings, this is it!

    Sarah, UK
  • It was fantastic experience I had with this place and great staffs. I would love to come back again to do 10 - 14 days Panchakarma treatment next time! Thank you.

    Kumiko, Japan
  • It has been a great, quite intense experience. The really respectful and friendly staff, the place, the Ayurvedic physicians, quality of the food, the walks, it is the total package. But overall, the differences in how I have been feeling and the knowledge I have gained here have been made it worth it. A big thanks!

    Lisette, Netherlands
  • My Panchakarma experience has been beyond any other retreat I have experienced so far. The treatments, the service, the staff and the highly professional Ayurvedic physicians are groundbreaking and exceptional. I have been to many retreats in Europe and Asia, but Oneworld Ayurveda is by far the best place that excels in all areas, such as venue, food, quality of treatment and above all the friendliest, most amazing therapists. I am overwhelmed by a deep sense of gratitude and I feel humbled to have received so much care and healing from the amazing therapists. I will definitely be back very soon.

    Inka, Switzerland
  • Claude, Dr. Aparna, Dr. Ninnu, Tekok, Nora, and every single member of the team went above and beyond to make your Panchakarma a wonderful and authentic experience. The location is glorious and is a truly healing environment. The gardeners need special mention as the gardens are also amazing. The rooms are beautiful and the food is really lovely, and an important part of the healing. Chef Wayan gives regular Ayurvedic cooking lesson, not to be missed! The doctors really care about their patients and create a very personal Panchakarma just for you. They give talks about Ayurveda and this make you want to learn more. I would recommend Oneworld Ayurveda to everyone.

    Gillian, Australia
  • My Panchakarma experience was more than I knew to ask for. The depth of care and quality of the experience was life-changing. I felt more held, nurtured and loved on my healing journey than anything I could have asked for. The deep dive within myself and the sacred space provided by the entire team and the land were powerful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, loving, and powerfully peaceful place. I will see you again soon.

    Coco, USA
  • An all-inclusive package to a healthier life! I had the seven days package and I loved every moment of my stay. It was my first and but definitely not my last. Breathtaking environment in nature, authentic treatments and amazing staffs. The most valuable gift you have is your health so why not invest to keep it!

    Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia
  • The staff was considerate and courteous at all times and I would sincerely thank them for their generosity and patience. Overall the Panchakarma for me was unique and I have no regrets as it has informed me of another way of looking at and living life. I leave with very positive thoughts of Oneworld Ayurveda and I highly recommend a treatment here. I wish Claude and all staff a very promising, positive future, for all people including me to be more conscious of our planet and live life in moderation.

    Janet, Australia
  • From the highs of relaxing to the lows of a healing crisis or two, everyone was caring, supportive and calm. This was the first time I have experienced a Pancakarma and while it was completely unexpected, I was committed and engaged by the process. I feel better, relaxed, and refreshed. Many thanks to Dr. Aparna and Dr. Ninnu. My admiration and appreciation of all the staff for the caring and supportive environment they create together, is immense. This will not be my last Panchakarma experience.

    Leigh, Australia
  • The whole experience has been fantastic! I enjoyed every single minute and am so grateful that Icame here. The rooms are great to relax in, a comfortable atmosphere, the treatments were amazing. I have never seen staff so dedicated and full of smiles. All meals were delicious and you can feel that the food heals you. Special thanks to Dr. Aparna and Dr. Ninnu for their time and energy to help me during and after my Panchakarma. All the staff were so caring and attentive, I felt pampered like in a 5-star hotel. I will come back!

    Celine, France
  • This was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Oneworld Ayurveda staff and physicians understood what I needed during my Panchakarma and did everything they could to tailor the program and to support me. Every detail of my stay felt like it was created to enhance my Panchakarma experience. The level of authentic care is unparalleled and can be felt from the moment you are picked up at the airport. Thank you to the staff, it takes each one of you to make it a truly special experience.

  • It has been a great experience. This Panchakarma is a program which needs at least 10-days. Afterwards, I feel totally refresh and much lighter with changes in the body and mind. It is something I will for sure do it again, if possible once a year. Thank you!

    Ling, China
  • My Panchakarma was excellent. Every single person was very accommodating. Each person started to understand your likes/dislikes and made adjustments accordingly. The doctors were amazing and full of knowledge. You feel confident that you are in good hands. Nora was a great conductor and makes me feel right at home and comfortable to be yourself. Tekok was a great liaison to the Balinese culture, a great manager, and an excelllent yoga instructor. The therapists were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Housekeeping was attentive. The food was very tasty! The chef was great at teaching on cooking demo day. Overall an amazing experience.

    Jordie, USA
  • I did not have too many expectations upfront, since this was the first time in a PK for me. I was just looking for a good combination of relaxation, learning yoga and doing something good for my mistreated health, somehow getting disconnected from daily life. What I found was amazing; *A combination of incredibly relaxing and energizing treatments, *Yoga and meditation classes that were sometimes challenging but still a perfect start for a beginner like me, since the teacher was always looking for each individual's level, *Delicious vegetarian food, perfectly prepared and cooked accordingly to the principles of Ayurveda (I was amazed although being non-vegetarian) All of this offered by professional and very heartful and friendly staff in a perfectly beautiful, quiet and intimate environment. * But best of all certainly were the professional ayurvedic doctors that are not treating you just like a customer, but instead really like a patient, always focussing on your personal health issues or targets. They have all the freedom by the management to do whatever is necessary to help you - even if this means having additional treatments. Thank you!

    Johannes, Germany
  • Oneworld Ayurveda is a true getaway from the daily and hectic life many of us lead. Set up in a serene and lush environment in the hills of Ubud, the temperature is comfortable with the evenings being cool, even in the month of June. The humility and politeness of the therapists are traits I have never come across before elsewhere in the world. It’s all straight from the heart without the lure of any greed whatsoever. The F and B arrangements are a culinary delight - fresh and flavourful! A must visit and surely a comeback for me.

    Lavina, India
  • I had no idea what to expect when I booked my 7-day Panchakarma experience but upon arriving, I knew I made the right decision to come here. For me personally I came here feeling grumpy and sluggish with some digestive issues. But I have left after 7 days feeling lighter, more energetic and digestive issues on the mend. So all in all, it has been a great experience! I thought Dr. Aparna and Dr. Ninnu were very kind, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. The therapists were very sweet and made you feel comfortable at all times. And the kitchen staff and wait staff were so friendly -nothing was too much trouble. Thank you!

    Bridget, New Zealand
  • I received just what I was looking for and I felt well taken care of. The grounds and resort location are extremely beautiful. Dr. Ninnu is an excellent doctor, thorough and reassuring. It helped with my sleep and stress issues. I am very satisfied with my stay here.

    Hayley, Hong Kong
  • This was a truly life-changing experience for me. Before coming I would have never imagined the change that it could bring to my life. First, the place itself is a perfeful paradies, perfect location for healing, all the staff members are real professionals with warmth in their hearts. Everything is set perfectly for you to concentrate on yourself. After the Panchakarma you are not left alone but guided by the doctors in order to continue the healthier, balanced lifestyle at home with tailor-made suggestions just for one's individual benefit. Could not imagine a better place to get to know yourself, your needs, and give yourself 'yai'-time.

    Silja, Finland
  • Despite having done a lot of research before arriving at Oneworld Ayurveda, if you have never done an authentic Panchakarma before, which very few of us have, it is almost impossible to really know what to expect. In the same way, I feel like I will not be in a position to fully understand what has taken place here until I am back home.

    What I can say is that the experience has had an unparalleled impact on the way I feel about my health and my own responsibility for maintaining it.

    It has connected me with a part of myself that intrinsically knows how to be healthy - in body, mind and spirit. My challenge now is to respect and nurture that connection, listen to it deeply and continuously, and reap all of the multi-layered benefits.

    Some days here were hard. There were tears and anger and frustration. Other days I felt elated. All part of the journey that Dr Aparna and Dr Ninnu guided me through. Their extraordinary knowledge and professionalism, and their passion for sharing what they know with everyone who passes through the gates here is profound and deeply moving.

    At a time in human history when the limitations and shortcomings of western medicine in dealing with longer lives, chronic illness, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and all the other ugly consequences of our western lifestyle, are increasingly manifest, ONEWORLD Ayurveda shows guests another way. A way that is self-evidently more sensible.

    Some people might think a Panchakarma experience is only “authentic” if it happens in India, if the accommodation is basic, the food bland and repetitive, and if you are given every one of the treatments associated with this ancient cleanse.

    What I have learned at Oneworld Ayurveda is that authenticity comes from the practitioners’ depth of knowledge, their individualised approach to every guest and their dedication to ensure every guest leaves here with the tools and confidence to transform their own lives.

    Claire, Australia
  • Before arriving at Oneworld Ayurveda for a 20-days Panchakarma program, I read a lot about what to expect. While this was interesting, I underestimated the power of the process. During my stay my body and emotions experienced many responses all held from my 53 year journey. At times this was challenging, however by my departure I experienced a calm that I can't remember feeling. With the love and support from all at the retreat somehow all has been put to rest. Just go with the flow and trust. Thank you so much!

    Nina, Australia
  • Coming here was the right decision at the right moment. From the beginning I felt happy and accepted. The entire team is so warm and ready to help that I felt I was part of a family. The Ayurvedic physicians and therapists are all professional in their field. I will definitely be back! Thanks to all.

    Sonja, Italy
  • Amazing! A total healing sanctuary.

    Christelle, South Africa
  • My experience has been one of complete nurturance from beginning to end. I highly recommend Oneworld Ayurveda

    Nicole, New Zealand
  • My time is precious, my health is precious. So, this was the ideal place and best idea to focus 200% on my self and be cocooned. Mind and Body DETOX, digital DETOX, Kids and Husband DETOX....!!!. I feel "RESET" and ready to do my post - detox for the next 10 days; taking a slower pace and now more aware of how to stay balanced in my lifestyle.

    Severine, France
  • I came not sure what to expect, but curious. I am blown away! This is a first class Ayurvedic centre. Behind the loving, nurturing and very professional staff is a well-oiled machine of competence, caring, training and highest expectations. Seeing one of the two Ayurvedic physicians daily is very reassuring and helpful. Each client is given very individualized attention, food is custom-ordered. I learned about Ayurveda, Aanchakarma and my body every day through lectures and consultations. The location is breathtaking, the centre, the rooms are of high quality and very comfortable. It sits in the most beautiful ricefield I have seen, it is spacious, but feels intimate, the food is truly delicious and plentiful. I am not vegan or even vegetarian but each meal was a delight and made me feel fantastic afterwards. I am leaving after three weeks with customise, very detailed info and instructions on how to incorporate Ayurveda into my life at home. My check-out consultation was really impressive. I feel full of enthusiasm to continue to keep my three life forces in balance and am leaving this place with gratitude in my heart. Thank you to the beautiful Oneworld Ayurveda family.

    Ursula, Germany
  • My Panchakarma experience was amazing. As I came here to address recovering from an eating disorder, I was so impressed by the level of nurturing from the therapist and doctors. They left no stone unturned to make you feel safe and in good hands. I will be recommending this experience as it fully addressed my anxiety and I am leaving feeling centered and balanced. Thank you!

    Kylie, Australia
  • I had an amazing experience, I would love to do it again in the future and not work at the same time as it would be all the more powerful. I have learnt some great lessons to take back into my daily life, Thank you!

    Annie, Australia
  • A week of unpluging from the matrix where I was cocooned in love, healing intentions and care. I got to re-connect with nature, quiet my mind and ground myself, whilst detoxing and purifying myself with the help of professionals. Thank you to everyone at Oneworld Ayurveda for taking such great care of me.

    Marsha, UK
  • Truly a holistic experience! I needed a reset and achieved more than that. I was able to also get rid of negative emotions I had been carrying for a long time. I learnt more about my body and how it's connected to the food I eat. My mind and body are in balance and I am empowered to continue this journey called life with the Ayurvedic teachings taught at Oneworld Ayurveda. I am glowing and full of energy!

    Anais, usa
  • What a lovely stay! It's a privilege to be rewarded by such beauty and kindness. There is a true attention to detail, the confident hands of the therapist, the beauty of the surroundings, the gentle yoga, marvelous food and interesting talks and walks. Everything you need is to feed your body, mind and soul is available here and leads you on a rewarding inward journey. Feeling each day more relaxed and peaceful, yet more joyful and energetic. Welcome to a brand new you: healthier and happier

    Karine, Belgium
  • Hi - It's Lisa writing from California!! I returned home a couple of days ago and I wanted to share my gratitude for both of you, your help and guidance. I really feel my time there, though short, was just what I needed at this time in my life and is what I like to call a “game changer” for me. My stomach is back to its old self. Sometimes it even feels like Pitta bowels that’s how well everything is moving through me. In addition to being regular, I’ve been keeping up with my spiritual practice, and despite jet lag starting a routine. The best part of this process is that for once in my life I finally get to honor my body and eat everyday! I love eating and have denied myself that by going through cycles of dieting, deprivation to uncontrollable hunger and overeating. I also wanted to give you some feedback on the booklet (the one in our rooms) that I was allowed to take home. I’ve been reading it, using the recipes and I’m so thankful to have it. I hope you continue to give your guests this parting gift to help people anchor in what they’ve learned when they return home. I remember Dr. Aparna mentioned that you didn’t want this to be so rigid that we would go home and give up, and having that booklet, along with your handouts, has already helped me get a very positive start here in the US where I will have to work a little bit harder to continue this lifestyle. I also hope to hear that one day the center is working on an extensive cookbook with an abundance of great recipes. Thank you both for the gift you gave to me and I hope to see you two again. You have all created a loving healing space for transformation to take place, and should be proud of the work you are doing! PS- I’m still not drinking coffee and actually enjoying room temperature water. I have an abundance of energy, which I’m sure will calm down in a bit, but feels great.

    Lisa, USA
  • I loved every minute of my time at Onewold Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic physicians are excellent! My special regards to Dr. Aparna for her generosity, love and kindness. She is a gift to the resort. The treatments are excellent, the therapists well trained and the spa facilities are outstanding. The kitchen staff too was impeccable in their service, and a special thank you to them for the exceptional quality of the nourishing food. This is a highly recommended retreat for anyone looking for an authentic Ayurvedic Aanchakarma. The lush surroundings of Ubud add just a little more to the experience. Thank you for an exceptional and loving healing journey.

    Jasrin, Singapore
  • I had a great experience of Panchakarma. I had been thinking of doing one for a long time, and I am happy that I found one that fits with what I have been looking for. This place is beautiful, the Ayurvedic Doctors are very kind, humble and know their job well. I came for 10 days and already feeling good, healed and rejuvenated during the 7th day. I think this is the best place and authentic Ayurveda Panchakarma Center.

    Shabnam, India
  • I think it's an interesting self-journey and you may arrive with very simple issues but depart with much more. It also all depends on how open you are to the program and how easy you accept it. Maybe it's not for everybody, but definitely all that come get something out of it, whether it's fixing your health, your mental state or just having a nice and interesting holiday. And special thanks to Tekok, he is really the heart of the place!

    Irina, Russia
  • Big thanks to Dr. Ninnu, Tekok and everyone. The whole staff is great!

    Marie-Claire and Anne-Marie, Switzerland
  • I would like to say that all the staff was excellent, and Oneworld Ayurveda is more than lucky to have the retreat supervisor, Tekok, on the team. Thank you so much.

    Dorothea, Iceland
  • A truly wonderful week! The accommodation facilities, treatment and food were all fantastic and the staff worked so hard to ensure everything was perfect. Each and everyone of them were helpful, happy, kind and always remembered your name. Nothing was too much trouble and absolutely everything is done with a smile. If you want a relaxing but rejuvenating week, then this is the place to come to.

    Lindsay and Jane, UK
  • I Highly recommend this experience to anyone that seeking to find a better way of life. Thank you Oneworld Ayurveda!

    Diego, USA
  • Claude and his team have achieved their vision of creating an authentic, Ayurvedic Panchakarma experience in Bali. Led by qualified experienced Ayurvedic doctors who are dedicated to bringing genuine health and wellness to your mind, body and spirit. This is a very personalised level of treatment. The doctors are supported by a caring team of therapists, yoga teachers and service staff. And all of this is provided with the generous level of care and hospitality that the Balinese are renowned for all over the world. Thank you!

    Louise and Jo, Australia
  • Thank you so much for this new experience in my life. I was never in a place with so much love for details, everything was impeccable: the driver meeting you, check-in into this paradise hospitality of the staff, cozy and stylish rooms, even pillows on the sofas are amazing. The food you get everyday is different, and you have a feeling like not doing a retreat but going out to a fancy restaurant. How do I feel now? Full of ideas and energy, relaxed and calm. But most af all I like my new morning rituals, new habits in my life: waking up with a sunrise, doing yoga, meditate and think about what I'm eating. Thank you so much again!

    Yulia, Ukraine
  • My week here far exceeded my expectations. The doctors are extremely generous with their time and their willingness to answer question, the therapist are focused and sincere and very attentive to one's every need, the meals are excellent, the yoga perfect. In short, Oneworld Ayurveda is a very well designed and managed treatment centre that allows guests to heal, to feel peaceful and reconnect with our bodies and minds. I feel transformed by my experience here. Thank you so much Claude for leaving this courage to build an authentic centre for healing.

    Tamsin, Australia
  • A very good experience, just wonderful and I will recommend Panchakarma to all my friends.

    Eva, Switzerland
  • I like it so much, the staff and services is a much higher level compared with India and Sri Lanka. Very medical and good Doctors. Tekok and all the staff is very pleasant and lovely.

    Andrea, Slovakia
  • 7 days is too short, I suggest people to do it at least 14 days. Overall I feel very good and would like to try longer Panchakarma period and next time.

    Tiffany, Taiwan
  • Panchakarma feels like a rebirth! The experience at Oneworld Ayurveda is exceptional. Honouring the ancestors authentic knowledge combined with the comfort and stunning setting of Bali. The staff is kind and knows exactly what to do. It's not a holiday but a soul space, a great gift to yourself and for that reason to others! Namaste

    Jenny, Netherlands
  • Immerse, breathe, let go, listen, follow, laugh, sleep. A stay full of wonderful surprises. I leave here feeling much better.', 'Immerse, breathe, let go, listen, follow, laugh, sleep. A stay full of wonderful surprises. I leave here feeling much better.

    Dorinda, USA
  • Oneworld Ayurveda has been an amazing experience for me. My mind and body has fallen into the slow and therapeutic of this beautiful place. The staff are gentle, generous, kind, welcoming and the rooms and spa are blissful. The spa therapist are more like healers and after such a wide array of Ayurvedic treatments, my body is singing from their gentle daily beautiful yoga and meditation session. The administrations on the incredibly delicious indian vegetarian food is healing me from the inside out. The doctors are knowledgable and attentive and their medicines are customised only for me. I thank all the Oneworld Ayurveda team for their care. See you soon!

    Alison, Australia
  • A full on Ayurveda experience where you are supported and nurtured back to balance through all dimensions (physical ethnic astral and soul)

    Annia, Australia
  • I cannot imagine a better experience. It is a spa holiday, a luxurious health retreat. The attentiveness and care of the staff was an important part in healing medicine and treatment. Thank You!

    Ekaterina, UK
  • Our experience at Oneworld Ayurveda was simply excellent, while every aspect was delivered with thoughtfulness, attention and care. The overall experience was greater than the sum of its parts. We have came away lighter in spirit and body! It has been a deeply satisfying experience, one that should be repeated.

    George, UK
  • This is my first Panchakarma experience and I loved it! Being so close to nature was a tremendous experience for me, not to mention the care and tailored treatment, the physician were the best I've ever seen, the food was amazing and I really must thank the lovely staff for being so accommodating. A big part of my experience was the people I met during my stay and I will cherish this for a long time. If you want to treat yourself with the gift Panchakarma in a resort style setting then I highly recommend Oneworld Ayurveda.

    Liann, Australia
  • it was a great experience in a magical place and i feel very happy about everything: the Ayurvedic physicians, staff, room and now I go back home with a new energy

    Laura, France
  • Oneworld Ayurveda provides a truly customized and nourishing Pancakarma experience. The staff is so knowledgeable and kind, and always so accommodating. I felt supported every step of the way and look forward to returning for more Pancakarma treatments in the future.

    Danielle, USA
  • 24 days in paradise, tropical garden, beautifuly furnished rooms, fantastically immersed in the world of Ayurveda, all in total nature. The first five days until the detox was somehow difficult; headeaches and a lot of time to think and also digest the past. It was exhausting for me, but after detox life was incredible clear, bright, colourful and beautiful. An incredibly great experience in a magical place. Thank you for the beautiful time here, I'll come back.

    Marianne, Switzerland
  • My sincere congratulations to Claude and the team on the opening of the new retreat center.

    Ann Marie, Phillipines
  • A briliant way to end the year with a soothing treatment that helps to treat oneself and reflect before starting the new year, more people should be more aware of this and try a Panchakarma, an absolutely amazing experience. Learn so much from it! All the best.

    Aza Iza, Malaysia
  • The gift of time and wellness in one package. I have been here for two glorious weeks with Doctor and staff solely focused on what is best to nourish, energise and support my mind, body and soul. Truly, I am like a new woman. During this time I have cultivated a more positive and loving relationship with myself. I have learned more about ME in the past two weeks than I have during my entire life - 49 years. Thank you ONEWORLD, thank you team for all the love and attention, but mostly thank you ME for taking the TIME - the most precious thing we have.

    Kim, New Zealand
  • I have just completed 21 day Panchakarma. Dr. Ninnu was wonderful, very calming and spent time with me an a daily basis. The treatments were very professionally carried out and have certainly made me feel much better. My blood pressure which was high when I arrived is now within the normal range!

    Heather, Australia
  • I really enjoyed my Panchakrama. Professionality of the whole team impressed me and made my stay really pleasant. I was suprised how much I learned and experienced about myselft in a 7 days PK. I have the feeling it really brought me ahead and made me healthier.

    Oliver, Germany