A word from the founder

A word from the founder, Claude Chouinard

Claude chouinard

While experiencing a two-week Panchakarma in Sri Lanka during the new year of 2015, my dream to develop an Ayurvedic Centre was born. The results of the Panchakarma detox were so deep that I felt inspired to create an authentic Ayurveda retreat on the beautiful island of Bali, my home for over twenty years.

For me, this project is an extension of ONEWORLD retreats. Anyone who has experienced a ONEWORLD retreat will understand the level of service, attention to detail and the professionalism we are capable of offering. And ONEWORLD ayurveda - Panchakarma goes a step deeper into healing and detox, giving one empowering ways to deal with their health and wellbeing.

With only twelve rooms at our new retreat destination, the energy is similar – authentic, down-to-earth and high-quality. The site we have chosen to develop this project is located approximately twenty minutes from Ubud, away from the traffic, and is surrounded by green rice fields and a quaint village of about 200 inhabitants.

A dream becomes a reality when put into action and I am in awe with the synchronicity that has unfolded during this journey. Everything fell into place as if it were ‘meant to be’. I thrive by the magic that believing in something can lead to reality. I must also share that this has been my life’s most amazing challenge, a new world to explore.

I am so grateful for the many people who have travelled along the path of ONEWORLD ayurveda. As a team, we have developed an experience that will help people shift through and detox what is no longer needed in their body and mind, that will bring balance into their lives– this is the purpose of Ayurveda.

Claude Chouinard

"Ayurveda triggers healing energy in the body and in the mind’
- Dr. Aparna K

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