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Detox and Reboot at Home

7-Day Detox Program

Ready to make changes to be the best YOU possible?

Developed by distinguished Ayurvedic doctors, yoga teachers and chefs, this 7-day program brings an Ayurvedic detox into your home, wherever you are in the world. You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in just one week!

Experience the Power of Ayurveda Detox


immune boosting

Boost your

eliminate toxins


improve vitality


weight loss

weight loss

calm the mind

the mind

improve digestion


Program Followers Say

  • testimonial

    It most definitely improved my sleep, made me feel lighter and have more energy.
    – Renee, Indonesia

  • testimonial

    I feel more relax, energised and healthier! My skin is glowing, my mind is calmer and my digestive system is more active!
    – Petra, UK

  • testimonial

    I see that I can easily incorporate the recipes and yoga exercises into my daily life. I lost 1.5 kilos and more energized.
    – Julie, US

  • testimonial

    I now feel a lot calmer, my skin is glowing, my sleep has improved and I am back on the mat again.
    – Julie, UK

  • testimonial

    The 1:1 doctor meetings are excellent. The yoga videos are professional and easy to follow.
    – Michele, UK

  • testimonial

    I enjoyed a lot cooking the meals and your advice of the additional detox was a very good one. The detox week, was a detox of body and mind.
    – Luz, Mexico

  • testimonial

    It was an amazing experience and I feel renewed, recharged and ready to conquer the world. 😃
    – Folake, Saudi Arabia

  • testimonial

    Perfect guidance in cooking and yoga and I could ask my questions to Dr Ninnu. Lost 3 kilos in 1 week.
    – Christina, Australia

  • testimonial

    I loved this experience: very easy to follow and very supportive. Awesome team.
    – Daniela, US

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Only $95

Detox and boost your immune-system in the convenience of your own home


yoga, pranayama, and guided meditation classes


cooking demonstrations by Ayurvedic doctors and chef


detoxing and immune-boosting meal, juice, and herbal drink recipes


Balinese families will benefit from this program

  • Everyday intro-video with Ayurvedic doctors
  • Daily email with helpful tips and guidance
  • Cook book with all the recipes
  • Shopping list for the whole week
  • Regimen advice to start the day right
  • Detox day procedures and guidance
  • Bali blessing ritual and affirmations
  • Immune-booster guide after the program
  • USD 50 certificate for your next Panchakarma
  • 10% of the revenue from our online programs goes directly to the local community through donations of cash and food baskets—helping the families that need it most.
Ayurvedic consultation

Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Optional: You can add one or more consultations with your Ayurvedic Doctor and get a dosha reading to tailor the program to your Ayurvedic body type and get a personalised guideline for better results. Learn more »

How it Works

Sign-up now

Sign up and receive our welcome letter with the week’s overview, a recipe book and a shopping list

Prepare yourself

Give yourself at least 2 days to order all the ingredients

Daily emails

Follow daily delivered guide with practical advice, menu, yoga classes and cooking preparation videos

  • Online yoga class with professional yoga teachers
  • Detox in the convenience of your own home
  • Detox at home

Your Ayurvedic Team & Support

Give back to Bali


Oneworld Ayurveda is located between 2 small villages which, like everywhere on the island, are populated with drivers, waiters, bartenders and others who work in tourism-related jobs. Currently and for the foreseeable future, there are and will be no visitors to our small island. Everyone is doing their best to survive this unprecedented crisis, yet it is not enough to make ends meet. So we will help by donating a fixed portion of the proceeds of each program to provide food (rice, vegetables, eggs) and other necessities to those in need.

If you want to help sign-up to our programs or just donate to help Bali right now

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  • best online detox program
  • best online detox program

Start anytime.
No location boundaries.
Now, let Bali come to you!

Since its creation, Oneworld Ayurveda has assisted over a thousand people by offering authentic Panchakarma created by a team of professional, caring and committed people.

Few people are now able to enjoy the exclusive location surrounded by Bali’s remarkable rice terraces. This online program is dedicated to everyone now unable to travel to Bali who wishes to live the experience.

You may choose to offer our program as a gift to someone you care for, please click below to purchase a personalised gift certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda—the Science of Life—is the time-tested, natural, prevention-oriented, and holistic health care system of ancient India. It is free of negative side effects and offers economical solutions to the major current health problems worldwide.

    Ayurveda advocates that living in harmony with nature and maintaining harmony between body, mind, and spirit contributes to a long and healthy life. Any imbalance in this harmony results in disease. The focus of Ayurveda is on preventive and curative aspects.

    Everything in the universe is composed of the elements space, air, fire, water, and earth. These five elements can be condensed into the three bio-energies of space and air (Vata), fire and water (Pitta), and water and earth (Kapha). Every individual has a distinct balance of these bio-energies and our health depends on maintaining a healthy balance between them.

    The Ayurvedic way of life is tailored to each person’s unique constitution, taking into account the individual needs for nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, social interaction, and other lifestyle factors. The Ayurvedic healing approach to treatments is based on detox and herbal medicine.

  • When will the program start and end? Can I join anytime?

    There are no fixed starting and ending dates, nevertheless you will need at least 2 days to order all the ingredients for the essential program or at least 4 days to do the same and to schedule the online consultation with ayurvedic doctor for the premium program. Once you’ve started, you must follow the program for 7 consecutive days.

  • How do I get organized and what do I need to follow the program?

    As soon as you signed up, you will receive a shopping list, the food you must purchase should be easy to find in your health store or online, you will also receive a full menu and receipes for 7 days. What you will need is time for preparing your meals, and the discipline to follow the program daily.

  • Can someone with allergies or with special medical conditions follow this program?

    Before you start the program, it is advised to share with the doctor or our team all your allergies or other medical conditions so that your daily schedule can be prepared accordingly and correct recipes and other lifestyle advice can be included.

  • How does the detox work? Are any special ingredients needed for the detox? What should I expect?

    The nutrition and the special ingredients (food/teas/herbs) that we have designed for this program helps improve the body’s metabolism and the digestive health, boosting your immune system The detox helps flush out the accumulated toxins. The first four days will prepare you for the detox day. We use Castor oil as detox medicine, you are guided to do a test on the first day to determine the correct dose. During the detox day, expect to have several bowel movements (4-6 times is usual but this can vary for each person). Also, you may experience slight nausea or headaches, the day after expect lightness in the body as well as mental clarity.

  • What does the daily schedule look like? Can you share an example?

    The day usually consists of waking up early to do your daily regimen—you will receive detailed instructions for that. Then follows a yoga and meditation practice, you will receive a daily practice video. Based on the recipes for meals and herbal drink, you will prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a sample of a daily schedule, please click here . The schedule for the detox day varies from the other days and you will get detailed instructions for it. It is recommended that you stay at home on detox day and do not plan any outside activities or work for this day.

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