Your Morning Routine


Wake up


  • Wash your face by splashing water on it.
  • Massage your face and perform eye strengthening exercises.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Scrape your tongue, preferably with a copper or stainless steel scraper, or use a spoon.
  • Do oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth) with coconut, sesame, or olive oil, then massage your gums with your index finger.
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of warm water, preferably kept in a copper vessel overnight.
  • Evacuate your bowels.
  • Massage yourself with oil. You may use coconut, sesame, or essential oils.
  • Shower or take a bath, use lukewarm water for the head, and warm water (not too hot and too cold) for the rest of the body



Blessings or Prayers

Affirmation of the Day:
“I deserve abundance. I release the need for suffering and accept confidence and love into my life, body, mind and soul.”

Menu of the Day


Drink Detox dose
15ml or 20 ml of castor oil (depends on your Detox Test result on Day 1) with 3g (1/4 tsp) of rock salt mixed with half a cup of warm water.
View the guidelines here


Prepare Ginger Water


Start drinking ginger water every 15 minutes after taking the Detox dose

Drink half glass of warm water after each bowel evacuation


Prepare lunch
Rice/Quinoa Porridge (GF) or
Semolina Porridge (Non-GF)


Lunch time


Prepare Detox Day Herbal Tea and electrolyte water (if necessary)*


Take herbal tea


* Drink electrolyte water if you have more than 10 bowel movements by 16:00 hours. To make it, squeeze one lemon or lime in one liter of water, add 10 g or 2 teaspoons of palm sugar or glucose powder or honey with half teaspoon pink salt. Drink half a glass of this every half an hour.



Detox Day Meditation
Meditation is one of the best ways to cleanse, refresh, and relax our minds. On the detox day you may experience emotional waves so in this condition, meditation can help. Meditation has been proven to ease depression, improve mental functioning, reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. It also gives you emotional peace and mindfulness.

Dinner Time


Prepare dinner
Rice/Quinoa Porridge or
Semolina Porridge (Non-GF)


Dinner time


Preparation for tomorrow
  • Breakfast: soak 50 g quinoa to make Quinoa Porridge.
  • Lunch: soak 50 g lentils to make Khichadi Dal.
  • Lunch: if you choose to substitute rice with quinoa to make Khichadi Dal, soak 50 g quinoa in a separate bowl.
  • Dinner: soak 50 g lentils to make Khichadi Dal.
  • Dinner: if you choose to substitute rice with quinoa to make Khichadi Dal, soak 50 g quinoa in a separate bowl.

Good Night!


Sleep well
As a part of improving your health and immune system it is important to have a good night’s sleep. And to improve your biological rhythm, try to sleep at 22:00 every day during this program and consider continuing the positive health habit afterward.

What’s In Store for You Tomorrow


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