Ayurvedic Beauty Tips to do at home

Store-bought beauty products contain chemicals that can enter our systems through our skin. Dashama demonstrates how to do an Ayurvedic facial at home with all-natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

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Dashama is an internationally known Yoga Teacher, Author of 5 books, 3 best selling online courses, the global 30 Day Yoga Challenge and 33 Yoga DVDs. She founded the Pranashama Yoga Institute (PYI) in response to the growing demand for her unique system of yoga and healing. Through PYI, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, she certifies both 200 and 500 hour yoga teachers around the world.


Better known as Desi, she was born in a small village near the beach in East Bali, beginning her yoga journey under immense hardship. Yoga has helped her succeed, embracing her purpose in life. She has been practising intensively since 2014, when she left her career in education. Since 2018, Desi continues to channel her passion into being a resident yoga teacher at Oneworld, enriching her knowledge by learning the yoga philosophy, including its supporting elements—Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit.

This video is part of Discover Ayurveda with Dashama series.

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