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Detox and Reboot at Home

7-Day Online Program


Very well designed. From preparation, to the recipes (super easy and yummy!), the daily routines, videos, all are just awesome! Such as lovely way to hear the sound of Bali, the voices and accent from Bali… And the Ayurvedic Doctor consultations are really good. Dr Resmi was available throughout the detox, very impressed. Very open minded and professional. Learnt a lot. I’d never have thought I could do this by myself at home until now. Thank you so so much!

Cecile, Hong Kong

I loved it! I was transported briefly to Bali and loved being guided through the programme with daily advice, menus and yoga classes. It has definitely inspired me to create a morning ritual and I feel lighter as a result of the detox.

Caroline, UK

Great experience. A must-do, as it will stay with you and better your everyday life.

Jan, South Africa

The Ayurveda Detox and Immune Booster online program were a fantastic, interesting, educational, cleansing, and genuine experience for me. The program has been put together with professionalism, care, and true Balinese warmth – and even as a virtual retreat I felt very supported. Nothing has been left out!

Julie, Australia

Overall it was very good, I’m grateful for this program, I think I benefited a lot from it. I enjoyed the daily schedule, food was tasty, the guidelines were clear, and yoga and meditation sessions were exactly what I needed. I’m also very grateful to the doctor for her attention and for her always being ready to help and answer all my questions.

Oleg, Estonia

Wonderful! Very helpful to get the balance and correct perspective back during this unusual quarantine period.

Ann, Philippines

What a way to ease out of the lockdown. I feel great and I am continuing with healthy habits. The morning routine and yoga are wonderful. Very nice recipes and inspirational messages each day. The course website and video content are very professional. Thank you.

Nicolle, Australia

Extremely well organized with daily emails the keep you on track and motivated. The shopping list sent ahead of the program ensures that you are ready and prepared to start. The recipes are easy to follow, the food is delicious and plentiful. The consultations with the Dr. were excellent, he was very knowledgable and supportive throughout the entire program. The morning rituals and yoga are a fantastic way to start your day!

Julie, Northern Ireland

The week was like a small snippet of my past visit to Oneworld. Brought back lovely memories and left me feeling healthy and strong. I wouldn’t normally have the time to be cooking each meal but was able to while staying at home during these crazy times.

Penny, Australia

This was a perfect program to do whilst having to stay at home. It was well organized and easy to follow. I needed a break from all the pandemic talk and this helped me do that and reset.

Jacqueline, Australia