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The same care, attention, and kindness, as in real life when you visit OWAC, is transmitted. It gives a wonderful idea, maybe the first impression of Ayurveda. I loved the recipes. Luckily I did it during the lockdown in my country so I had the time to prepare all the dishes. When you know Bali, when you love Bali this feels like coming home… Thanks love all of you!


It was life-changing. It was the perfect experience to reflect and change personal habits that are outdated and holding me back from being my best self.

Valerie, Australia

it was easy to follow, meals easy to cook, loved learning new recipes, experiencing the cleansing with improving immunity without going to a retreat center. Yoga classes were amazing, modifications were extremely helpful. A personalized consultation with Dr. Ninnu was amazing. The schedules with time were impressive (having a food plan, juice timings, etc).

Noel, United States