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Experience Authentic Panchakarma Healing in Bali

All-inclusive healing journey based on the science of Ayurveda, with first-class service and quality. Uniquely designed for each person based on daily consultations with highly-qualified Ayurvedic doctors.

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What is Panchakarma?


Panchakarma is an effective detoxification method for the body and mind, which also strengthens the immune-system and restores health and well-being. It is based on the science of Ayurveda, which is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as one of the world’s oldest holistic health-care systems from India.

Experiencing Panchakarma is beyond a spa wellness holiday and is giving the self ‘me time’. It is a gift of rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul that everyone deserves.

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Why people do a Panchakarma?

  • In need of a serious detox
  • Suffering from anxiety, nervous problems, lack of energy
  • Desire for more spiritual balance in your life
  • Suffering from physical and mental stress or insomnia
  • To age gracefully, delaying the inner and outer ageing process naturally
  • To reduce excess weight
  • Tackling hormonal, infertility, menopausal or andropausal issues
  • Looking for rejuvenation, both for body and mind
  • To tone up muscles and skin
  • Looking for a boost for energy and vitality
  • Learn about their doshas and how to keep them in balance

and many more…

What Happens During a Panchakarma

Our experienced doctors will do an initial in-depth consultation to identify your body-mind constitution, balances and imbalances of bioenergies, status of digestive fire, physical and mental state. You get to share all your concerns and problems regarding your health and discuss them with the doctor. The treatments and type of Panchakarma detox procedure suitable for each individual will be decided after this initial consultation. Your progress is closely monitored by the doctor and adjusted as needed.

This is the reason why you will not find any pre-designed packages on our website – in Ayurveda, one size does definitely not fit all!

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How long should your Panchakarma be?

Try following these simple guidelines below. In general, though, the longer you stay, the better the results as ever-deeper levels get cleansed.



If you are not ill and are rather looking for a de-stressing, preventative stay.



Should you already have a diagnosis or feel that you are ill, a 14-night stay is the minimum we recommend.



To fix a long-standing or chronic health issue, an extended Panchakarma is the best solution.

Why Oneworld Ayurveda?

  • Highly-qualified Ayurvedic doctors from Kerala
  • Daily consultation with your doctor to follow your progress closely
  • Authentic Ayurvedic treatments done by skilled therapists
  • Sophisticated Ayurvedic food, teas and juices
  • Twice daily Vedic yoga and meditation with certified teachers
  • World-famous Balinese hospitality and nurturing spirit
  • Located among one of the most famous rice terraces in Bali
  • Exclusive—only 12 rooms
  • Cooking demonstrations and Ayurvedic lectures
  • Optional walks in the rice fields or village surrounding the resort
  • Bali blessings to start and end your Panchakarma
  • Herbal garden for in-house made oils, medicine and teas

What our guests are saying

  • testimonial

    This experience is one of those moments in one’s life that will have ripple effects for years to come.


    I needed a reset, lots of healing – and something more that I could not quite articulate. My experience here has been beyond any desire.


    The people and the place are just a perfect match to support the healing of body, mind and soul.

  • testimonial

    This the best investment I’ve ever made in my health.


    Even if some treatments are a little tough, it is done with softness and so careful and kind.


    The setting is beautiful and relaxing, also intimate, having only 12 rooms. Best of all is the staff.

  • testimonial

    A special thanks to Dr. Ninnu with his kindness and empathy and of course to the rest of the staff – everyone are gems.


    After 3 previous Panchakarma experiences in Kerala, India and Sri Lanka, I can only say that Oneworld Ayurveda in Bali was my best one so far.


    My Panchakarma last year was such a great experience and success that I decided to come back this year.

Give yourself a gift of rejuvenation
for the body, mind and soul!

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