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I came not sure what to expect, but curious. I am blown away! This is a first class Ayurvedic centre. Behind the loving, nurturing and very professional staff is a well-oiled machine of competence, caring, training and highest expectations. Seeing one of the two Ayurvedic physicians daily is very reassuring and helpful. Each client is given very individualized attention, food is custom-ordered. I learned about Ayurveda, Aanchakarma and my body every day through lectures and consultations. The location is breathtaking, the centre, the rooms are of high quality and very comfortable. It sits in the most beautiful ricefield I have seen, it is spacious, but feels intimate, the food is truly delicious and plentiful. I am not vegan or even vegetarian but each meal was a delight and made me feel fantastic afterwards. I am leaving after three weeks with customise, very detailed info and instructions on how to incorporate Ayurveda into my life at home. My check-out consultation was really impressive. I feel full of enthusiasm to continue to keep my three life forces in balance and am leaving this place with gratitude in my heart. Thank you to the beautiful Oneworld Ayurveda family.


My Panchakarma experience was amazing. As I came here to address recovering from an eating disorder, I was so impressed by the level of nurturing from the therapist and doctors. They left no stone unturned to make you feel safe and in good hands. I will be recommending this experience as it fully addressed my anxiety and I am leaving feeling centered and balanced. Thank you!


I had an amazing experience, I would love to do it again in the future and not work at the same time as it would be all the more powerful. I have learnt some great lessons to take back into my daily life, Thank you!


A week of unpluging from the matrix where I was cocooned in love, healing intentions and care. I got to re-connect with nature, quiet my mind and ground myself, whilst detoxing and purifying myself with the help of professionals. Thank you to everyone at Oneworld Ayurveda for taking such great care of me.


Truly a holistic experience! I needed a reset and achieved more than that. I was able to also get rid of negative emotions I had been carrying for a long time. I learnt more about my body and how it’s connected to the food I eat. My mind and body are in balance and I am empowered to continue this journey called life with the Ayurvedic teachings taught at Oneworld Ayurveda. I am glowing and full of energy!


What a lovely stay! It’s a privilege to be rewarded by such beauty and kindness. There is a true attention to detail, the confident hands of the therapist, the beauty of the surroundings, the gentle yoga, marvelous food and interesting talks and walks. Everything you need is to feed your body, mind and soul is available here and leads you on a rewarding inward journey. Feeling each day more relaxed and peaceful, yet more joyful and energetic. Welcome to a brand new you: healthier and happier


Hi – It’s Lisa writing from California!! I returned home a couple of days ago and I wanted to share my gratitude for both of you, your help and guidance. I really feel my time there, though short, was just what I needed at this time in my life and is what I like to call a “game changer” for me. My stomach is back to its old self. Sometimes it even feels like Pitta bowels that’s how well everything is moving through me. In addition to being regular, I’ve been keeping up with my spiritual practice, and despite jet lag starting a routine. The best part of this process is that for once in my life I finally get to honor my body and eat everyday! I love eating and have denied myself that by going through cycles of dieting, deprivation to uncontrollable hunger and overeating. I also wanted to give you some feedback on the booklet (the one in our rooms) that I was allowed to take home. I’ve been reading it, using the recipes and I’m so thankful to have it. I hope you continue to give your guests this parting gift to help people anchor in what they’ve learned when they return home. I remember Dr. Aparna mentioned that you didn’t want this to be so rigid that we would go home and give up, and having that booklet, along with your handouts, has already helped me get a very positive start here in the US where I will have to work a little bit harder to continue this lifestyle. I also hope to hear that one day the center is working on an extensive cookbook with an abundance of great recipes. Thank you both for the gift you gave to me and I hope to see you two again. You have all created a loving healing space for transformation to take place, and should be proud of the work you are doing! PS- I’m still not drinking coffee and actually enjoying room temperature water. I have an abundance of energy, which I’m sure will calm down in a bit, but feels great.


I loved every minute of my time at Onewold Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic physicians are excellent! My special regards to Dr. Aparna for her generosity, love and kindness. She is a gift to the resort. The treatments are excellent, the therapists well trained and the spa facilities are outstanding. The kitchen staff too was impeccable in their service, and a special thank you to them for the exceptional quality of the nourishing food. This is a highly recommended retreat for anyone looking for an authentic Ayurvedic Aanchakarma. The lush surroundings of Ubud add just a little more to the experience. Thank you for an exceptional and loving healing journey.


I had a great experience of Panchakarma. I had been thinking of doing one for a long time, and I am happy that I found one that fits with what I have been looking for. This place is beautiful, the Ayurvedic Doctors are very kind, humble and know their job well. I came for 10 days and already feeling good, healed and rejuvenated during the 7th day. I think this is the best place and authentic Ayurveda Panchakarma Center.


I think it’s an interesting self-journey and you may arrive with very simple issues but depart with much more. It also all depends on how open you are to the program and how easy you accept it. Maybe it’s not for everybody, but definitely all that come get something out of it, whether it’s fixing your health, your mental state or just having a nice and interesting holiday. And special thanks to Tekok, he is really the heart of the place!