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Panchakarma Testimonials

Having done eight Panchakarma treatments over the last 10 years, in India, the Himalaya and Sri Lanka, I have to say that my experience at Oneworld is the best. Everything, the accomodations, doctors, yoga and meditation classes, treatments, food, activities, friendliness and courtesy of the staff, everything combines to make for a world class experience. Really it’s exceptional. If you’re considering a destination for an Ayurveda retreat, look no farther, you couldn’t do better than Oneworld.

George, Indonesia

Great care, great professionalism, gentle experience, excellent re-set for the body. Amazing place and super-friendly people, will do it every year and also bring my parents! I think I never experienced that level of relaxation and peace before. Maybe once in another Oneworld retreat 🙂

Svetlana, Indonesia

Had a wonderful 10 days. The service was excellent with clean rooms, good wi-fi and delicious food. My favourite treatments were the four-handed oil massages twice a day. Staff was very friendly and welcoming and clearly all spent the time to learn everyone’s names before our arrival. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their health.

Ian, Canada

After my experience here, this is a non-negotiable gift for body, mind, and soul. I received such wonderful treatments and relished in the great quality of everything. Who thought a cleansing diet would be so delicious and gourmet. I love it here.

Persia, Indonesia

All I can say is thank you thank you thank you! Your team at Oneworld are exceptional. Dr. Ninnu made no promises but definitely delivered exactly what I wanted. I feel lighter, more energetic & have a more positive outlook on taking control of my health. Yoga everyday with Wayan was just perfect. I also must say considering my primery objective was to drop some weight. I enjoyed delicious wholesome meals 3 times a day (except detox day), never felt hungry and still lost 3 kg!

Michelle, Indonesia

It was very deep experience that exceeded all imaginable expectations. Thank you so much. I didn’t have eager to eat for several years, my stomach felt not good almost every time after food and I wish it’d possible not to eat. But after 2 weeks here I’m reading recipes and can’t wait to try it. You helped me with my digestion dramatically. Thank you.

Daniela, Russia

Panchakarma helped me get a jumpstart on a few health issues that traditional western medicine wasn’t able to assist me with, at least to see a change. In 21 days I worked on health concern that were expected and much that wasn’t. The program was absolutely amazing. The staff is warm & attentive. I really hope that life leads me back to OWA. It’s truly a magical place.

Kelly, USA

It is a unique one of a kind experience. the place breathes positivity, There is a calmness in the air & the beauty is also being in the midst of nature. This is combined with the gentleness of the Balinese people – always helpful, caring & very responsive. I came for one week and stayed in for three! That says it all. Look forward to coming back

Anjali, Indonesia

After 2 panchakarmas in Kerala, I can confidently say that Oneworld Ayurveda was the best one. It didn’t feel like a hospital or treatment center, it felt like a wellness resort. In sum, a wonderful experience, which I will repeat for sure.

Valerie, France

I am so glad I came to Oneworld. I had no Idea what Panchakarma was before arriving, but reading about the benefits helped me choose this retreat. I had booked initially for 2 weeks and extended to 3. I came for help with my anxiety, sleep, constipation, and hormonal weight gain. I lost 4.3kg, I feel calmer, I am sleeping better, and have constipation relief. Dr. Ninnu has been very receptive and listens to my aliments. I’ve had eye issues, allergy issues, joint issues while here. Each time something went wrong I would tell him during our consults and next treatment session I would be given little extra treatment. Dr. Ninnu is very knowledgeable and I felt in safe hands with him as my doctor. Thank you

Stephanie, USA