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My Pancakharma (PK) has been a truly healing experience. I cannot praise the staff highly enough. Each of them is so kind and caring – nothing is too much trouble. The treatments were at times intense but this is Panchakarma! The therapists help you so much. The talk by Darma was a highlight. He gave a fascinating, detailed and very personal view of Bali culture, customs and traditions. At the end of my 11 days, I feel lighter, calmer and my thinking is clearer. I am convinced of the powerful healing qualities of PK.

Gillian, Australia

April, 2019

I am so happy we are here. As I have no real “illness” or “psychological burnout” as so I just wanted to have time for myself in a nice environment and rejuvenate. I was not sure how long we should stay 1 or 2 weeks, so we decided to stay for 15 days and it was the perfect time. After 2 weeks I can see (+others also) that my skin is glowing, my eyes shine brighter, and I did twice yoga in a wonderful yoga shala with great teacher. And I lost 2,2 kg without struggling. The staff is so friendly and professional, clean and neat. We met so many nice people from all over the world. It was wonderful and we already booked for next year. All other people here where also very satisfied and happy. OWA is a good place to detox your body and mind and get energy. I would say it’s a 5 star Ashram.

Ozlem, Turkey

March, 2019

I’ve been told Panchakarma is not for the faint hearted. This was my first experience and I got more than I hoped for. I think Oneworld Ayurveda is the real deal. Meaning you get a serious physical overhaul in a warm, intimate and spiritual surrounding. The staff is an expert, the Doctors’ are top notch, altogether very welcoming and accommodating. I will be seeing you in 2020. BIG HUGS.

Can, Turkey

March, 2019

A luxurious Panchakarma experience in a boutique style resort with attention to details, and outstanding organisations. The caliber of doctors and therapists were excellent. A wonderful 10 days PK.

Jenny, Australia

March, 2019

The overall experience has been really wonderful. Very professional in every aspect. The therapists are extremely gentle and beautiful smiles. Nothing is too much for the staff. Thank you for a great experience.

Karen, Australia

March, 2019

The level of care in every aspect was unparallelled. Check-in was smoothly and professionally handled by Nita and Lina, who made were absolutely cheerful and welcoming. Debby made me feel instantly welcome, and she saw to my every need without hesitation throughout my three weeks, here; even when my needs included procuring test strips for my rare glucometer. My first treatment was a foot massage by Wati, who is one of the most gifted therapists at OWA – her hands are truly magical. Susi and Eko were gracious about preparing me for my visit to the temple for the purification ceremony, and the visit there under the guidance of Wayan, the yoga instructor, was an education in itself. Where the treatment was concerned, I couldn’t imagine a better process. Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Haritha demonstrate a committed level of care with the patients, and there is no doubt as to the extensive depth and breadth of their knowledge. They were both up-front about treatment and changes in treatment along the way, and nothing was withheld when further information or clarification was requested. They were both generous and patient in answering my questions and in helping me to further my knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. The treatment centre is smoothly run. Yogis and Ari are always cheerful, professional and patient. I have seen them manage difficult clients with grace and unmarred professionalism. I had the privilege of receiving most of my treatments from the two male therapists, Nyoman and Edo, both of whom were excellent. Nyoman is clearly a master of his craft. He deeply cares about his clients, and he is one of the few therapists who listens to the client’s body with his hands. There was a lot of attention given to my comfort level during treatments, and both Edo and Nyoman were very accommodating and, on one or two occasions when physical needs required it, patient. The housekeeping team was so helpful. Arjana, Pariasa, Arya, and Taman manage their teams very well. Most of the time, I had few requests to make of them, as they would anticipate my needs time and again, and provide for them without being asked. One the few occasions when I had an unusual request, there was no hesitation in meeting it on the team’s part. I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t looking forward to three weeks of vegan food before I came. That opinion changed rapidly. Almost every meal I ate during my 21 days was exquisite. Wayan is a great chef, and when I asked him to show me how to prepare certain dishes, he made the time to do so, and one could see from his demeanour that he was genuinely happy to share his knowledge and skills. He is an artist who is deeply committed to his craft. I also have to acknowledge the servers as having been a fundamental part of the success of my stay. Without Desi, Mega, Parthini, Popi. Nita and Susi, I would not have been able to cultivate the quiet and silence that I needed for my healing process. They all had this ability to appear with my food just as I was injecting my insulin, and they were always pleasant and smiling. Not once in my whole time did I feel that my requests and needs were an imposition. The grounds were sublime. It was such a delight to have a room surrounded by trees, birds, and animals. The groundskeepers were constantly and happily at their work, maintaining the grounds and returning every greeting with a warm smile. Darma was exceptionally friendly, and his talk on Bali was a wealth of information. If anything, I wish I had more time to have spent at OWA; and I won’t hesitate to recommend Panchakarma here to my friends and acquaintances.

Pierre, Canada

March, 2019

I came to Oneworld Ayurveda with little knowledge about Panchakarma. I wanted to experience everything and see where it would take me. As soon as I arrived I was greeted with such warmth and care. The experience has been so overwhelmingly positive. I would recommend this experience to everybody and I look forward to coming back someday.

Leah, Australia

March, 2019

Mentally and physically detox. Peaceful, well tailored made treatment. All staff, Doctors is super friendly, caring, gentle. I will absolutely come back next year.

Sandy, China

March, 2019

This was a wonderful experience. From the gorgeous location in the rice fields to the diagnosis and treatments received to the incredible staff that all know you by name. One leave feeling rejuvenated and fresh, having let go of emotional and physical “toxins” that were holding oneself back pre –Panchakarma. There were ups and downs, moments of restlessness and moment of fatigue, with the occasional “healing crisis” but I am leaving from Oneworld Ayurveda in a much more balanced and joyful way than when first I arrived.

Mary, Canada

March, 2019

I am deeply grateful for the time at Oneworld Ayurveda. All is done with loving kindness, care for the environment, skillful and wonderful awareness for details. The place heals also with it’s beauty, I pray that all guest may return all the blessing here and leave happier than they come. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to returning.

Martina, Germany

March, 2019