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Panchakarma Testimonials

This is my first Panchakarma experience and I loved it! Being so close to nature was a tremendous experience for me, not to mention the care and tailored treatment, the doctor were the best I’ve ever seen, the food was amazing and I really must thank the lovely staff for being so accommodating. A big part of my experience was the people I met during my stay and I will cherish this for a long time. If you want to treat yourself with the gift Panchakarma in a resort style setting then I highly recommend Oneworld Ayurveda.


it was a great experience in a magical place and i feel very happy about everything: the Ayurvedic doctors, staff, room and now I go back home with a new energy


Oneworld Ayurveda provides a truly customized and nourishing Pancakarma experience. The staff is so knowledgeable and kind, and always so accommodating. I felt supported every step of the way and look forward to returning for more Pancakarma treatments in the future.


24 days in paradise, tropical garden, beautifuly furnished rooms, fantastically immersed in the world of Ayurveda, all in total nature. The first five days until the detox was somehow difficult; headeaches and a lot of time to think and also digest the past. It was exhausting for me, but after detox life was incredible clear, bright, colourful and beautiful. An incredibly great experience in a magical place. Thank you for the beautiful time here, I’ll come back.


My sincere congratulations to Claude and the team on the opening of the new retreat center.


A briliant way to end the year with a soothing treatment that helps to treat oneself and reflect before starting the new year, more people should be more aware of this and try a Panchakarma, an absolutely amazing experience. Learn so much from it! All the best.


The gift of time and wellness in one package. I have been here for two glorious weeks with Doctor and staff solely focused on what is best to nourish, energise and support my mind, body and soul. Truly, I am like a new woman. During this time I have cultivated a more positive and loving relationship with myself. I have learned more about ME in the past two weeks than I have during my entire life – 49 years. Thank you ONEWORLD, thank you team for all the love and attention, but mostly thank you ME for taking the TIME – the most precious thing we have.


I have just completed 21 day Panchakarma. Dr. Ninnu was wonderful, very calming and spent time with me an a daily basis. The treatments were very professionally carried out and have certainly made me feel much better. My blood pressure which was high when I arrived is now within the normal range!


I really enjoyed my Panchakrama. Professionality of the whole team impressed me and made my stay really pleasant. I was suprised how much I learned and experienced about myselft in a 7 days PK. I have the feeling it really brought me ahead and made me healthier.