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Panchakarma Testimonials

Using short, delightful Balinese ceremonies and recitations when opening and closing daily treatments has a wonderful uplifting, evolutionary and spiritual efect-in addition to the health benefit of Panchakarma. I arrived with underactive thyroid, arthritis, water retention, IBS, chronic constipation, high blood pressure, menopausal hot flushes and was overweight. Within 3 days my blocked bowel problem and high blood pressure become normal (apart from a few isolated occasions). After 4 weeks of Panchakarma my joints are far less painful , I’ve regained the suppleness I had 6 years ago, shed the water retention, lost weight without effort, have no more hot flushes, my cracked tongue has healed and I feel like a newborn foal. Plus it’s been a great meeting so many interesting people.

Nicola, UK

Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda has been the most pleasurable and rejuvenating experience. I’ve tried Panchakarma in few other places and I could say thet not only Panchakarma at Oneworld is authentic but Oneworld also take it to another level. The attention to details, stunning location, well trained therapists exquisite food that doesn’t make me fell like doing a Detox, highly knowledgeable Doctors, very supportive management team and Kitchen, various activities : everything about this place is just another world. I couldn’t recommend Oneworld enough to others!

Zia, Indonesia

Amazing! This was my first Panchakarma experience but definitely wont be the last. I’ve discovered a lot about myself while my overall health is getting better. The staff is very helpful, friendly and always smile on their face. Special thank you to Dr.Ninnu and Dr.Resmi for their extra care and patience. I respect their knowledge & professionalism. Thank you team! For being ready to serve at any moment and making this amazing experience smoother! Love.

Selime, Turkey

I arrived at Oneworld not knowing much about Ayurveda or Panchakarma. I mainly focussed on the physical “Detox Part”. After having stayed here for 14 days I now realize that a Panchakarma is not just a regular detox with fasting and many colone treatments. It’s actually a very balanced treatment that gives you the basis of a healthier life style. The facilities and staff are amazing. Every single guest is treated as an individual and has it’s own tailor-made program. For whoever that feels they need a bit more balance, physically and /or mentally or just getting out of the rat-race of our hectic daily lives. I would say do not hesitate and give yourself this gift become you deserve it!

Jerry, Indonesia

I loved the attitude towards every guest, staff is always willing to help and careful as if you are a member of their family. The doctors take care of each issues in your body and give such an individual guidance that you feel unique and precious. The personal diet prescribed by the doctors does really make your body happy and well nourished. It works for each level: mind, spirit and body. Thank you!

Nastasiia, Malaysia

“Magical” It was the most amazing reset staying at Oneworld. I was able to came back to myself and feel so much more calm and in control. I am more calm and feel I have been able to let go of so much heaviness I have been carrying. I will definitely be back! Thank You!

Niki, Indonesia

Everything is perfectly in harmony. All is well thought out and you have the feeling that all employees know exactly what you need. The treatments, yoga lessons, cooking demonstrations etc, are from the heart and soothing because they seem to love working here- it seems like they are one big family. Everything is prepared with love-whatever it is the room, the treatments, the foodor the yoga lesson. There is no stress and absolutely no negativity or heaviness in the air. IYou can be prepared that this is a retreat where you are not on your own but really taken care of from all sides and can enjoy great comfort.

Charis, Ukraine

Panchakarma was a very methodical gradual relaxing process. It was the slow release of knots, tones & emotions leaving oneself clear, fresh and enbegised. I would hightly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to reboot & recharge themselves. It’s a Beautiful act of self Love!

Mark, Indonesia

Fantastic experience, this is definitely a 5 star place. Ayurvedic experience in comfort. You feel so much care from every corner and each person. Will definitely recommend.

Ala, Belarus

The experience was a personal revolution of self that transcended your average retreat center

Aaron, USA