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Panchakarma Testimonials

I can surely say, that it’s a life-changing experience. I feel very good, really. Very calm, relaxed, balanced and grounded. I’m sure that my body will thank me a lot of times for this Panchakarma. I feel clean in my body and in my mind as well. I was so happy to learn about Ayurveda knowledge, to be healed by a power of nature and plants, to had all these beautiful treatments, which gave me a lot of relaxing vibes.

Rita, Russia

I’ve been trying to come here several times, but it’s always fully booked for the next 2-3 months. And now I understand why so, and why people come back here twice a year. This is the most important experience I’ve ever had as a sign of a true self-love and self-care. Every detail here, every team member, every movement is full of love, care, warmth, professionality, wisdom, taste and pure magic. The schedule,the doctors,the beauty of treatment center,yoga and meditation,service, all the views and stunning nature in and around is absolutely georgeous. I didn’t mention the food, because I feel speechless to say how great it was. I think all other Panchakarma Center would be shocked, that Ayurveda Cuisine can be so divine. I feel alive. I feel healthy and clean. I want more.

Eugenia, Russia

There aren’t many places like Oneworld Ayurveda in the world. This place is a true sanctuary, a refuge, a place to recharge, remember yourself and heal. I’ve dealt with complex chronic illness for the last 4 years and have looked for somewhere I could go. This is that place, the level of care is exceptional. So much so, that on many occasions I shred tears, because I felt so incredibly cared for (by the doctors, therapists, staff, etc). This feeling alone is healing, but on top of that, with the 1000 years old ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, your body really has a chance to reset. I’ve made definite progress while I’ve been here, and expect it only to continually improve from here. Panchakarma creates a solid root for a healthy system to grow and thrive and the process is currently taking place in me.

Brittany, US

I’ve already done many Ayurveda treatments in different countries. I have to say that is the best Panchakarma I’ve ever had. It’s attention to detail, and the entire staff is very loving. Before panchakarma starts, there is a cleaning ritual at the temple, it is very beautiful. Morning and evening yoga is great and varied, very good cooking demo and rice field walk, the meals taste fantastic. Massages have the best quality that I’ve ever had. Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Resmi are very good, and you can call always when you have problem. Everyday there is doctor consultation. I fell in love with the place and I hope to come back.

Jutta, Germany

A wonderful rejuvenating experience for body, mind and soul wich I’d love to do an a periodic basis!

Monique, Netherlands

My experience here was beyond my expectations. I was impressed by the personalized care given to each guest from the doctors consultation everyday, to the staff refering to you by your name on the first day and aware of your dietary restrictions. The 10 days I did experience with OneWorld Ayurveda is something that I will never forget. It was as if I was transported to an enchanted luscious green island filled with the kindest people while immersed in the most incredible feeling of serenity. I loved that not only did we receive Panchakarma treatments but we were educated about Ayurveda through daily lectures by the Doctors and given cooking demonstrations by the chef to enhance our knowledge. With the gratitude I have been shown, I can say without a doubt, I will return.

Sweta, US

I am so happy to have experienced my first Panchakarma with Oneworld Ayurveda. I have learned so much about the science of Ayurveda and how to apply it to my life. The retreat center does a great job of giving blissfull healing spa treatment along with educational lectures, while also incorporating opportunities to experience Balinese culture. It feels as if every detail has been carefully considered allowing everything to flow so naturaly. The staff therapists are warm and comforting, they knows each person by name and always greet with smile. The Doctors are passionate and knowledgable, they really care so much for each person’s health and wellbeing. I was continuially impressed by how costumized the program was for each person, especially the food! I am feeling sad to leave, but well equipped to take with I learned here and apply them to my life. This is trully A Special Place!

Janie, Indonesia

The first moment I arrived, I was so impressed by the beauty all around here and my room. I felt like a princess. Everybody is so friendly. The treatments are on a very high level. The two doctors care for you so personally and sensitive and the food was incredibly good! It tasted delicious, looked always very good arranged on the plate, and always different. I’d like to come again.

Ulrike, Germany

This was much more than a retreat, it felt like coming home to oneself. Every detail was cared for and I felt incredibly nurtured throughout my time. The doctors were genuine, kind and extremely knowledgeable, they really care about your well-being, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This experience is one of those pick moments in ones life that will have ripple effects for years to come . Absolutely an experience I will cherish and never forget. Thank you Oneworld Ayurveda for nurturing me back into vitality and balance.

Mandy, Canada

An indescribable journey of discovery and healing, both mental and physical. Heading towards burnout in a busy life at home, I leave fresh, rejuvenated, and with lesson to incorporate into my daily life. Having never experienced any sort of retreat prior to this, I feel I am forever spoiled, as I can’t imagine much will live up to the incredible Panchakarma experience at Oneworld. Thank you to every member of the team, you’re simply the most caring and knowledgeable people in the business.

Rachel, Australia

June, 2019