Oneworld Panchakarma exceeded my expectations. I hadn’t heard of PK until 3 months before I arrived. The doctor was incredibly knowledgeable after extensive training in India and the custom program to suit the issles I needed to adress was amazing. The traditional PK treatments administered by the most beautiful local balinese staff, who were both professional and nurturing, you would struggle to find anywhere in the world. The yoga shala has the most serene atmosphere and a brilliant view over the terraced local rice fields. From the initial purification ceremony at a 1000 years old temple, to the daily consultations with the doctor, the multitude of treatments including massages, steam baths, and basti, to the amazing freshly cooked vegetarian meals, the cooking demonstrations, the yoga, the amazing gardens, and the friendly and nurturing nature of the team you will feel recharged by being here. I did after only a one week stay. Namaste