Absolutely unbelievable. I came into this experience having a couple years of Ayurvedic knowledge under my belt but never in a million years could I have predicted the transformation in mind, body and spirit I had during my stay here. Ayurveda is THE TRUE HEALING SCIENCE, and the doctors here are unbelievably talented with what they do. The amount of personal attention, care, and treatments given to your own individual situation is top notch, and the staff go above and beyond to make sure your Panchakarma is one of gentle, nurturing care. It pains me to leave this place after only 10 days, but I know this will now become an annual trip for me. I owe it to myself: my physical health, my mental health, and my spiritual health. This is a place of deep healing and would recommend to anyone looking for a more holistic way to bring your body back into blissful balance.