I am so happy to have experienced my first Panchakarma with Oneworld Ayurveda. I have learned so much about the science of Ayurveda and how to apply it to my life. The retreat center does a great job of giving blissfull healing spa treatment along with educational lectures, while also incorporating opportunities to experience Balinese culture. It feels as if every detail has been carefully considered allowing everything to flow so naturaly. The staff therapists are warm and comforting, they knows each person by name and always greet with smile. The Doctors are passionate and knowledgable, they really care so much for each person’s health and wellbeing. I was continuially impressed by how costumized the program was for each person, especially the food! I am feeling sad to leave, but well equipped to take with I learned here and apply them to my life. This is trully A Special Place!