I have been to Oneworld retreat’s before so I was not sure what to expect at Oneworld Ayurveda and the 7 days panchakarma programme. I have to say the whole experience is upliting, rejuvenating and I feel so much better than when I got here. I arrived with an aching lower back, very toxic & overweight. Not knowing anything about Panchakarma, I was a bit hesitant regarding what I could achive for my healt goals. I have to say I now have NO back ache, I feel so much lighter & cleaner in my head. The treatments, Dr Ninnu, the meals were 5 stars+. Thank you so much for teaching me about the Ayurveda way of life, I won’t be turning back to my old toxic ways. Onwards & upwords, thank you again. Namaste. P.S. Novi, the yoga teacher, you are lovely too.