I stayed here for 14 days treatment regarding my blood pressure, eczema, asthma and self-confidence issues after family member loss and separation crisis. My blood pressure was always high since I was 20 (above 130). In this Jan I was in a hospital as I fainted with bp 180, since then I had been taking pills. I left home with BP 154 under medicine. And the first measurement here was almost the same, on the 3rd or 4th day it went down to 126, then I started not taken the western medicine and the range is 126-136, the best was 106 and the last measurement is 118. With yoga practicing and support from the doctors, I can feel myself regerding strength that improves the emotional aspect. Asthma and eczema and also fading away. I am lucky that I have found this place where I can pull myself together with the support of OWA team, I can set a very good foundation of Ayurveda lifestyle. I believe I will do Phancakarma in a yearly regular basis as living in hongkong where it is polluted enough in one year to having detox both physicaly and emotionally.