I stayed in Oneworld Ayurveda for 10 days. This was my first Panchakarma experienced. I had not researched or read much prior to my stay and was skeptical at first. Truth be told I was just expecting a relaxing spa experience with Yoga Classes. Thanfully , I was mistaken. I Can’t tell you how much Panchakarma has helped me. Oneworld’s Facilities, Its Doctor, The therapist and staff made we feel very comfortable and at case. Most importantly though, through the treatment programs tailor-made by Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna , I’m Finally alleviating several medical conditions experienced after sepsil(Including IBS, extreme chronic fatigue and anxiety), which the Doctors in the UK told me were untreatable or manageable only with anti-depressants(despite we were not being depressed). I want to adequately express my gratitude to the team and the staff which were superb, I have been given care , attention, sublime food, and blissful body treatments. Thank you and looking forward to incorporating Ayurveda in my life and coming back here every year or two year for a detox! . For all of those considering Ayurveda or an Alternative lifestyle. This is where change happens! Do not hesitate to come here.