Outstanding. Have been to Kerala for PK two times, consider PK part of my lifestyle/ health management. Oneworld is now my go to for PK (most of improvements noted above add probably not even notice except that was here for 28 days from clinical staff to admin to kitchen to housekeeping standards could not have been higher, service more gracious& competent. Physical grounds room, bathroom ( awesome shower etc), gardens, treatment center !!! Yoga Shala !! All beautiful, harmonious & immaculate. Staff somehow remember every guests name, idiosyncrasies ( needed my shoulders propped w/towels when facedown -requalited. 1st treatments & any therapist treating me always know never had to request again) and dietary considerations. Made a few requests where to buy specific, tems & 1/2 dozen staff got on it until found what I was looking for. I felt nurtured, supported and I’m leaving in significantly better condition then when I arrived- mind/ body & spirit. Thank you Oneworld.