I would like to spend some time reflecting on this experience and will email a reply soon. I read the comments online before coming and want to be as well thought through as they are. After a year of extreme political unrest in my country, I needed some place and some specialized care that could restore my sense of control and hopefulness. I searched spa places, yoga retreats and countries that wouldn’t be consumed by Christmas indulgences. I must admit, I was not aware of Ayurveda Panchakarma but after reading comments from others, realized it was just exactly what I was needing. I have practiced yoga for many years and knew its positive, restorative effects on my body. So a leap of faith led me to arrive at OneWorld. The care and attention to every detail was amazing. The grounds are such a haven from the outside world it took me days to realize there was something beyond the rice fields and palm trees. The entrance to my room with the prayer packets, the spacious rooms and patio, perfection. Even though it took me days to open the art supplies, it reawakened my love of sketching that has continued at home. What a thoughtful detail to include. Each staff member was so welcoming and attentive with great skills in the treatments and food preparation. Dr. Aparna was warm and attentive to my questions and answers and I felt great trust in her assessments. Tekok’s creative and inventive yoga practices, sharing his culture were much appreciated. My entire stay from the purification experience until the letting go ceremony has become a part of me. I am trying the recipes and plan to continue many of the suggested routines for returning home. Even though the political issues are still here, I find I can turn down the impact by recalling my experience in Bali. A heart-full and heartfelt thanks goes to each person involved in my care. Now, if I can just figure out a way of making the gong sound awake me in the morning.