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Requirements to Enter Indonesia During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Entering Indonesia:

All international travelers, both Indonesian and Foreign Citizens must comply with the following health protocols:

  1. Comply with the health protocols set by the Indonesian government
  2. Covid 19 vaccination Policy
    1. Indonesian Citizens (WNI) with these criteria: Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI); students MUST show a complete Doze Covid 19 certificate (physically or digitally), if not, it will be given at the quarantine place after the second RT-PCR test with a negative result.
    2. Foreign Citizen (WNA) MUST show a complete Doze Covid 19 certificate or card (physically or digitally) and for those already staying in Indonesia, those willing to travel domestically or internationally are required to be vaccinated through a program or mutual cooperation scheme in accordance with the laws and regulation that will be announced accordingly.
    3. Exceptions are given to foreign citizens with diplomatic and service visas related to official state visits for a ministerial-level or higher rank.
  3. Foreign Citizen (WNA) MUST show a declaration letter willing to comply with all applicable health protocols in Indonesia
  4. Foreign Citizen (WNA) MUST show evidence of having health insurance/travel insurance which includes health financing and/or a declaration letter willing to pay all medical expenses independently if contracted by COVID-19 while in Indonesia
  5. Show a negative RT-PCR test result which sample taken in the country of origin within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours before departure
  6. Upon arrival, passengers must go through an RT-PCR retest and must undergo a centralized quarantine for 7 x 24 hours with this provisions:
    1. Indonesian Citizens (WNI) with these criteria: Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI); students; or Government Officials returning from a duty trip; are required to undergo quarantine in Wisma Pademangan at the Indonesian government’s expense.
    2. Indonesian Citizens outside the above criteria and Foreign Citizens (WNA) including foreign diplomats, outside the head of the foreign representative and the family of the head of the foreign representative, are required to undergo quarantine at a quarantine accommodation that has received certification from the Indonesian government at their own expense.
  7. Chief of foreign country representatives and their family who are assigned to Indonesia may carry out a self-quarantine at their private residence for 7 x 24 hours as specified in point number 3.
  8. In the event where RT-PCR retest upon arrival showed a positive result, medical treatments in hospital will be given to Indonesian citizens (WNI) at the Indonesian government expense and Foreign citizens (WNA) at their own expense.
  9. In the event where a Foreign Citizen (WNA) is unable to pay for their quarantine and/or medical treatment expenses, then the sponsor-ministry/institution/company that has given consideration/permission for the foreigner to enter Indonesia may be held accountable.
  10. After a 7 x 24 hours quarantine, both Indonesian (WNI) & Foreign Citizens (WNA) must go through another RT-PCR retest. .
    1. After 7 days of quarantine from the date of arrival for Indonesian citizens and foreigners are re-examined RT-PCR. If the RT-PCR result is negative, then after 8 days of quarantine, Indonesian citizens and foreigners are declared for completed quarantine.
    2. Positive results: medical treatment at a hospital will be given to Indonesian Citizens at the Indonesian government expense and for Foreign Citizens at their own expense or using their travel insurance.

The above provisions are referring to Addendum Circular No. 8 Year 2021, Circular of the COVID-19 Task Force No 18 of 2021 and Decree of Covid-19 Task Force No. 11 Year 2021, and valid from September 15, 2021 until further notice.

Besides the above requirements, upon arrival at the destination airport, passengers will possibly to go through additional health checks or fill out other forms/statement letters required by local authorities/local government. Passengers are expected to prepare a copy and original copy of the documents prior to arrival at the departure airport and present it upon check-in.

You can find detailed information in the below link:

Covid-19 – Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi Indonesia

Covid-19 – Masuk dan Keluar Wilayah Indonesia – Kementrian Luar Negeri Indonesia


Free visas and visa on arrival (VOA) are temporarily suspended until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared over by a ministry or agency mitigating the Covid-19 outbreak. Only foreigners with specific visas are allowed to enter the country. Referring to Regulation of Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 34 of 2021 regarding Visa and Stay extension Permit in Indonesia which are allowed to enter Indonesian territory (consists of Official Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Visitor Visa, Temporary Stay Visa, Official Stay Permit, Diplomatic Stay Permit, Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS), Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP).
Online Visa Application
If you need our assistance to get your visa to enter Indonesia, please let us know. We will connect you with a trusted agency. The cost is about US$450.


When you book your flight tickets, please ensure you have read the airline’s requirements and have the necessary documents needed, so you can fly on schedule. Each airline has different regulations regarding these rules and refunds.


As there are still active cases in Bali, for you and our team’s protection, we are now requesting proof of a COVID19 non-reactive RT-Antigen test prior to check-in, the test must be taken a maximum of 3 days prior to your arrival. For your convenience, you can take the test without a surcharge upon your arrival at Oneworld Ayurveda. We trust you will understand and appreciate this action to keep everyone safe and healthy.

*Please note: the whole team at Oneworld is being tested every two weeks.