Oneworld Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre

Dedicated to authentic Panchakarma – the ultimate and most effective healing experience in the science of Ayurveda. Run by professionals with a loving and caring team, giving each guest a memorable healing experience. Our individual programs are carefully put together by highly qualified physicians in Ayurvedic medicine and include therapeutic massages, deep detoxification techniques, herbal medicines, personalised diets, yoga, meditation and lifestyle transforming experiences. Oneworld Ayurveda – Panchakarma is an authentic centre in Bali offering 7/10/14/21/28 days’ Ayurvedic Panchakarma experience.
Ayurvedic treatment

The world of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic health-care systems from India, based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

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Ayurveda Panchakarma

A healing journey with us

We offer a genuine Ayurveda Panchakarma experience, not a spa vacation. Our emphasis on traditional Ayurveda guidelines will ensure that the balance of your body is restored.

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A Taste of Ayurveda

Sounds good but not quite sure yet?
Then try our 4 nights/3 days Taste of Ayurveda. You might want to buy a flexible ticket, as you'll probably want to extend on the spot!

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Why people do a Panchakarma?

  • In need of a serious detox
  • Suffering from anxiety, nervous problems, lack of energy
  • Desire for more spiritual balance in your life
  • Suffering from physical and mental stress or insomnia
  • To age gracefully, delaying the inner and outer ageing process naturally
  • To reduce excess weight
  • Tackling hormonal, infertility, menopausal or andropausal issues
  • Looking for rejuvenation, both for body and mind
  • To tone up muscles and skin
  • Looking for a boost for energy and vitality
  • Learn about their doshas and how to keep them in balance

What our guests are saying

  • My experience doing Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda: This was a really big surprise for me because I have done Panchakarma in north of India, but honestly I feel this is the very best Panchakarma because all the staff were really warm and welcome, the therapists were also warm, kind, always full of smiles and they have magic hands, doing the treatments with love. And especially the fantastic Ayurvedic physicians, they explain and are doing the best job, and Nora and Wayan Tekok who are also the best yoga teachers. The food is healthy and delicious. I am back home and in good health. Ayurveda is my life.

  • A very nurturing experience, despite being fairly new to Ayurveda and have so much to learn. I felt expected, safe, supported and cared which I think is very important. The take home booklet contains fabulous guidance and recipes that are all familiar to us and will be highly helpful as we return to the real world. The professionalism of all the staff is definitely a five star quality.

  • I felt well taken care of, everyone was so friendly and relaxed. Everything was very comfortable. Other guests were relaxed and interesting. The treatments, mostly massages, had an extra feel to it as they were more than regular massages. My health issues and overworked mind were well taken care of. I feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Much thank you to our Ayurvedic physicians, Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna.

  • A phenomenal retreat that exceeded all previous retreats I have ever done.

  • Oneworld Ayurveda has succeeded in blending Panchakarma with five star service and pampering in a beautiful surrounding. The cleansing and healing process takes place in a gentle manner under the caring and watchful guidance of Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna. The staffs are warm, courteous and wonderful. The program is tailor-made for each individual but the way it is organised around common activities like Yoga, cooking demonstrations, Ayurveda talks and group meals promotes sharing and oneness. Cannot think of a better place to have a detox and a break from the hustle and bustle.

  • I had the “A Taste of Ayurveda” and it was an excellent experience which truly gave me that taste. I will definitely return for a full Panchakarma treatment.

  • This was a wonderful experience. Truly a five-star Ayurvedic treatment centre located in the most beautiful surroundings on the island of Bali. I came exhausted after a particularly intense year of work. The twice daily treatments, the daily Ayurvedic physicians visit really reinforced how ‘out’ my body and my mind had become. I knew this was a retreat but what I really came to appreciate was what this was 14 days of medical treatments using the Ayurvedic wisdom in which the physicians are highly trained. The doctors feel, see and observe so accurately that I really have developed a huge respect for this system of medicine. To be able to have it delivered in this holistic setting where the food, the place, the weather and the people care for the ‘whole of you’ is really an unbelievable experience.

  • I came to Oneworld Ayurveda to quiet my anxious mind and gather tools to ground myself. Not only did I achieve these goals, but also learned about the links between my numerous health problems and my Dosha imbalance. Ayurvedic living is all about balance and I feel stronger, happier, healthier, calmer and ready to return to the “real world” now that I know I can balance myself.

  • The best place for detox and health problems in such a nice atmosphere to stay in and get healthy! Highly recommended!

  • Every aspect of the stay contributed to the healing: the beauty of the centre the cleaner who would place a stuffed dog in front of my book that made me giggle. the smiles the delicious food. the inspired yoga taught by Tekok. the expertise and compassionate eyes of the Ayurvedic physicians the energy of the therapists the bird knowledge of the waiter Swanedi. etc I am profoundly grateful for this healing place and all who contributed to it.

This might be the wellness journey you need

The opening of Oneworld Ayurveda is an empowering opportunity for you to focus on health and well being in a natural sanctuary.

Ayurveda panchakarma in Bali

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