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Ayurvedic Treatments

The authentic Ayurvedic treatments in Oneworld Ayurveda are performed by trained therapists using natural ingredients. The treatments you will receive are determined by your Ayurvedic doctor based on your condition and progress during your Panchakarma. Read more about what happens during a Panchakarma.

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  • Abhyanga Massage – A Synchronized Four Hands Therapy
    Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment video

    Abhyanga is one of the signature treatments of the Ayurvedic healing system. It is a synchronized full body massage given by two therapists with rhythmic hand movements using copious amounts of warm, pre-medicated herbal oil. The herbs used are chosen based on the patient’s specific condition.


    • lubricates the body
    • enhances lymphatic drainage and circulation
    • induces relaxation whilst eliminating toxins
    • balances the doshas or bioenergies
    • is generally vitalizing.

    During Panchakarma, this treatment is used to prepare the body for detoxification. Throughout your Panchakarma healing retreat at Oneworld Ayurveda, you will experience this amazing healing treatment.

  • Shiro Abhyanga – Stress Relieving Head Massage
    Shiro Abhyanga—Stress Relieving Head Massage

    Your head, neck, and shoulders are massaged with warm medicated herbal oil. The oil is chosen according to your condition.


    • reduces stress
    • nourishes and supports hair growth
    • brings clarity and strength to the senses
    • improves blood circulation in the head and reduces tension
    • relieves headaches, migraine, and neck and shoulder stiffness.

    This blissful treatment lasts 45-60 minutes.

  • Pada Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Foot Massage
    Pada Abhyanga Ayurvedic Foot Massage

    This relaxing, therapeutic oil massage of the feet, legs and knees specifically targets the marma or energy points on the feet to relieve any tension or pain. Feet contain many nerve endings and several of the marmas are located in each foot.


    • releases negative energy
    • revitalizing and balancing the nervous system and makes you feel more grounded.
    • is beneficial for sense organs like the eyes and ears
    • helps cure headaches and menstrual issues.

  • Dhara – Medicated Liquid Flow

    Dhara is an Ayurvedic treatment method applying a continuous stream of warm, medicated oil to different parts of the body. The temperature and speed of the oil stream are kept constant during the 30-60 minute treatment. This specialized therapy soothes and relaxes the entire system.

    There are many types of Dhara, but mainly

    • Shirodhara
      Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment during which medicated liquids (oil, water or other) are gently poured over the forehead in a continuous stream. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). It is also known as Shiroseka.
      • helps nervous system disorders—restless mind, insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, headache, paralysis and degenerative vata diseases
      • prevents dandruff, premature greying and skin disorders.
    • Sarvanga Dhara
      A stream of warm, medicated oil or decoction is poured all over the body.
      • aids memory loss, lack of vitality, neurological disorders
      • calms the nervous system
      • reduces stress
      • heals and rejuvenates the skin and helps with joint pain.
    • Netra Dhara
      Specific medicated oils or decoction are poured over the eyes.
      • eliminates fatigue and pain in the eyes
      • relieves muscular tension
      • helps improve eyesight
      • reduces wrinkles and brings luster to the eyes.
  • Kashaya Dhara – Treatment for skin, mind and muscle-related problems
    Kashaya Dhara Treatment for skin, mind and muscle related problems

    Ayurvedic Kashaya Dhara is a treatment during which a continuous flow of decoction is poured on the forehead or the body. It is beneficial for curing skin, hair, mind, and muscle-related problems.


    • aids skin disorders, dandruff and hair loss
    • treats stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and depression
    • assists weight loss, hypertension, hypertension, muscle spasticity, neuromuscular disorders, pain and stiffness.

  • Potali Sweda – Poultice Massage

    Using special poultices/bags containing medicinal herbs, heated in warm oil to relieve pain, reduce physical and mental stress and nourish and rejuvenate the body.

    Different types of Potali Sweda are

    • Njavarakizhi or Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda – Rice milk poultice
      One of the most popular therapies to rejuvenate the body. Poultice made of red rice cooked in medicated decoction and milk is rhythmically applied to the whole body.

    The treatment is recuperative and healthful and improves skin complexion, restores vigour and vitality.

    Patra Pinda Sweda
    • Patra Pinda Sweda or Ela Khizhi
      Among the favourites of our guests, Pinda Sweda uses freshly-gathered leaves of medicinal analgesic and anti-inflammatory plants, all grown in our herbal gardens. These boluses provide heat to painful joints or body parts, like the back or the fingers.
      • effectively treats osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal pains, and myalgia, amongst others.
    • Jambeera Pinda Sweda
      Uses medicated herbs along with lemon – known for its antioxidant and detoxifying effect – to massage the body.
      • relieves stress in deep tissue
      • enhancing the nervous system.
    • Valooka Sweda – Sand poultice
      Medicated herbs with clean dried sand devoid of gravel are made into a heated poultice and applied to the body.
      • helps relieve stiffness and deep-seated pain.
    • Podikhizhi or Choorna Pinda Sweda – Powder poultice
      Medicated powders are made into poultice and are applied to the body.
      • helps to liquefy fat
      • brings lightness to the body.
  • Kati Basti – Ayurvedic treatment
    Ayurvedic Kati Basti at Oneworld Ayurveda in Ubud, Bali

    Ayurvedic Kati Basti treatment is used to strengthen the muscles to improve the functioning of the vertebral column, alleviate pain, ease stiffness, lubricate the discs and nerves and restore flexibility. A dough roll made of mung bean flour is applied to the neck or spine and is then filled with warm, medicated oil.

  • Shiro Basti

    Medicated oil is kept on the head with the help of a cap, enhancing the neurons and relaxing the body and mind. Tackles issues of anxiety, insomnia, neurological and psychological disorders, stress and skin disorders.

  • Janubasti – Ayurvedic Knee treatment
    Ayurvedic knee treatment (Janubasti) at Oneworld Ayurveda in Ubud, Bali

    Janu means knee in Sanskrit and Basti to cleanse. So we are cleansing the knee of any toxins and waste materials which may have got stuck there. The Ayurvedic therapists pour warm, medicated oil onto the knee, using a dough roll made of chickpea paste. This is left to penetrate the joint, in the process drawing out impurities. Afterwards, a herbal paste is applied and covered by moringa leaves. The knee is then bound and the paste is allowed to sink in for several hours


    • is very effective in reducing swelling, pain, and crepitus in the knee joint.
  • Ushma Sweda – Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy
    Ushma Sweda—Ayurvedic Steam Bath Therapy

    Steam bath (Ushma Sweda) in Ayurveda is a full body therapy using medicated steam to generate sweating or perspiration, which helps to release deep-seated toxins and relieve stress. It’s one of the detoxing procedures of Panchakarma. Fresh green leaves and specific herbs are carefully arranged to cover the body. You are then laid down in a steam cabinet for 10-15 minutes. The steam bath allows the herbs to draw toxins and waste materials from the body and impart their qualities to your body. A deeply relaxing treatment!


    • improves blood circulation, toxin elimination and joint mobility
    • reduces blood pressure and obesity
    • benefits the skin
    • cleanses the respiratory system
    • invigorates the body.

  • Nadi Sweda

    Using medicated steam on specified areas.

  • Avagaham – Herbal Bath Therapy
    Avagaham—Herbal Bath Therapy

    If you love taking a bath, you will love the Avagaham treatment during your Ayurveda Panchakarma retreat with us. Our beautiful copper bathtubs are filled with medicated warm water—the temperature is maintained at a constant level. Two therapists massage you and keep pouring the water over you. The length of your luxurious bath and the medicine depend on your condition.


    • relieves back pain and is very helpful for the diseases of the spinal cord, hip and lower back
    • relaxes the muscles relaxation
    • aids gynaecological conditions.

  • Pizhichil

    The whole body is anointed with streams of lukewarm medicated oil while simultaneously softly massaged, using rhythmic hand movements.


    • relieves pain and nourishes the joints, nerves and muscles
    • increase flexibility
    • reduces stress and induces peace of mind and relaxation.

  • Talapothichil – Treatment for Insomnia, Migraine or De-stress
    Talapothichil - Treatment for Insomnia, Migraine or De-stress

    Also known as Shiro lepa or Taladharanam, Talapothichil is a cooling treatment known for its healing properties for neck and head-related ailments and pains. The treatment starts with applying medicated herbal paste on the head, which is then covered with a cap made of banana leaf. Talapotchil is highly balancing and relaxing and boosts the activity of neurons, and helps relieve insomnia, stress and migraines.


    • reduces body heat
    • helps cure insomnia, migraine, anxiety, depression
    • improves memory
    • stops premature greying of hair
    • soothes the body and mind.

  • Snehapana

    This internal oleation is a major preparatory procedure to be performed before Panchakarma (purification). The entire procedure of purification is based on the proper mobilization of humors (doshas) from the periphery. This is achieved with the help of Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (fomentation).

  • Netra Tarpana – Ayurvedic Eye Treatment
    Netra Tarpana Ayurvedic Eye Treatment

    During the process, warm medicated ghee is held in place by a flour dough ring placed around the eye. The patient is to open the eyes and blink slowly to allow the medicated ghee into the eyes. This procedure is repeated several times using fresh ghee for each application.


    • calms itchy, dry eyes and other eye disorders
    • clarifies vision
    • release toxins, strain or redness
    • rejuvenating and blissful therapeutic treatment.

  • Nasyam – Nasal Therapy to Relieve Sinusitis & Headache
    Nasyam—Nasal Therapy to Relieve Sinusitis & Headache

    Nasyam is derived from the Sanskrit word Nasa which refers to the nose and consists of administrating medicine (oil, juice extract, powders) through the nasal route. This Ayurvedic treatment is one of the five detoxing actions of a Panchakarma and starts with facial oil massage and/or application of steam to the face, forehead, head, ears and neck which helps to loosen the adhesive doshas. After this, drops of lukewarm medicated oil are instilled in both the nostrils. The soles of the feet, shoulder, neck, ears and palms are then gently massaged. This is followed by Dhoom Nasyam, where the patient is invited to inhale medicated smoke through the nostrils.


    • treats diseases above the chest, such as diseases of ear, nose, eyes and throat, sinusitis, facial palsy, neck pain, radiating pain to upper limbs and frozen shoulder
    • aids premature greying, nasal congestion, neurological disorders, syncope, oral disorders and headaches.

  • Dhoomapana – Ayurvedic treatment
    Ayurvedic Dhoomapana treatment

    During the Ayurvedic Dhoompana treatment, the smoke of medicated herbs smeared with ghee/oil is inhaled through the nostrils and mouth for curing various ailments of the respiratory tract.


    • helpful for colds, sinusitis, cough and neurological disorders.

  • Karna Purana – Ayurvedic Ear Treatment
    Karna Purana - Ayurvedic Ear Treatment

    Ayurvedic Karna Purana is a procedure of instilling medicated oils into the ears followed by a gentle massage for a couple of minutes.


    • reduces itching/dryness/ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
    • enhances the sense of hearing
    • relieves swelling in the ears and earache and is also used in cases of deafness.

  • Karnadhoopana

    Introducing medicated smoke into the ears.


    • helps earaches, itchy ears and tinnitus.

  • Greeva Vasty – Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain
    Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain—Greeva Vasty

    Greeva Vasthy treatment is performed by retaining lukewarm, medicated oil over the affected area of the cervical spine in a ring made of dough. The duration and the oils that are used depend on the condition and complaints the patient is presenting.


    • helpful for tension headaches, cervical spondylosis, shoulder and upper back pain, osteoporosis, strains and sprains
    • improve the flexibility of joints and improves circulation.

  • Upanaham – Ayurvedic treatment
    Ayurvedic Upanaham treatment

    During this Ayurvedic treatment, medicated oil is applied to the affected area, followed by a herbal paste. Herbal leaves are used to cover the paste, which in turn is wrapped in a cotton bandage and left, before being washed off with lukewarm water.


    • used for pain relief, osteoarthritis, swelling, and bursitis
    • is beneficial for heel pain.

  • Udvartanam – Ayurvedic treatment
    Ayurvedic Udvartanam treatment

    During the Ayurvedic Udwartanam treatment, the whole body is gently massaged with medicated powders prepared with various herbs.


    • stimulates the energy flow in the body
    • detoxifies and nourishes the body tissues
    • activates the skin’s natural metabolism and helps reduce cellulite
    • cleanses and refines the skin structure and gives the skin a soft, silky texture and a lustrous glow.

  • Lepanam

    This treatment uses herbal paste as a scrub over the whole body.


    • rejuvenates skin and helps with skin disorders
    • improves blood circulation
    • relieves pain
    • is purifying and anti-inflammatory and is useful in treating various ailments.

  • Mukhalepanam – Ayurvedic Facial
    Ayurvedic facial—Mukhalepanam

    During your Ayurveda Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda, you get to enjoy a blissful Ayurvedic facial. All ingredients are natural and most come straight from our gardens. Your face is first cleansed with lemon and honey, then toned with a combination of cucumber skin and water. For the scrub, we use a mixture of turmeric, rice powder, aloe vera gel, and milk, the following gentle massage is done with coconut oil. The finishing mask is made of papaya and tomato with liquorice. At the end of this treatment, we moisturise your skin with buttermilk and avocado.


    • thoroughly cleansed and nourishes your skin
    • leaves you looking and feeling radiant.

  • Swedana

    Practiced either as a preparatory component to Panchakarma or as an independent intervention.


    • is relaxing and detoxifying
    • helps to liquefy and mobilize the Doshas.

  • Vamana

    Internal and external oleation and fomentation therapies for a few days in a row. Once the toxins are liquefied and gather in the upper cavities of the body, the patient is given emetic medicine and decoction.


    • helps to eliminate toxins from the tissues and is especially recommended for Kapha-dominated conditions.

  • Virechana

    Elimination of toxins with the help of internal and external oleation and fomentation therapies and herbal laxatives to facilitate the evacuation of the bowels.


    • cleanses the body of toxins and is recommended for Pitta-dominated conditions.
  • Basti

    Ayurveda’s unique contribution to the medical world. The herbal decoctions, oils, ghee or milk administered give highly positive effects, especially for Vata predominant conditions.


    • has enormous benefits, especially in complicated and chronic diseases.

  • Pichu

    Palliative treatment using medicated oil, paste and decoction.


    • relaxing and calming
    • helpful in treating many physical and mental ailments.