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Detox and Reboot at Home

7-Day Online Program


It most definitely improved my sleep, made me feel lighter and have more energy.

Renee, Indonesia

Amazing – very good program! I feel more relax, energised and healthier! My skin is glowing, my mind is calmer and my digestive system is more active! Highly recommend the premium program especially in 2020.

Petra, UK

This is a good programme to follow if you are thinking about resetting your body and boosting immunity or thinking about taking an Ayurveda retreat. I know feel a lot calmer, my skin is glowing, my sleep has improved and I am back on the mat again. As a bonus I have lost some weight and the snacking has stop.

Julie, UK

This is a brilliant online detox program. The detailed information sent daily helps to keep you on target. The 1:1 doctor meetings are excellent. The yoga videos are professional and easy to follow. I have continued with them since finishing the program. I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone who needs a boost and motivation to get back on track

Michele, UK

That it was a great experience, all the time I was with your company despite of the distance. I enjoyed a lot cooking the meals and your advice of the additional detox was a very good one. The detox week, was a detox of body and mind. The yoga classes were also a good complement of the program. I feel really happy to be part of such a great challenge.

Luz, Mexico

It was an amazing experience and I feel renewed, recharged and ready to conquer the world. ?

Folake, Saudi Arabia

The daily instructions arrived first thing in the morning. They were easy to follow. The accompanying videos were lovely and I looked forward to seeing them every day. I see that I can easily incorporate the recipes, teas and yoga exercises into my daily life even after this online detox program. It inspires me to consider doing a pancakarma in Bali after the COVID pandemic. I lost 1.5 kilos and I feel lighter and more energized.

Julie, US

I am happy I chose to join. I also would recommend others not to try to work and do program at the same time – it stressed me out first few days despite home-office. I felt connected to the program and wanted to know even more about Ayurveda so happy to join the webinar today and even more happy of I could join a program with regular educational webinars now that the travels to bali are not possible. I have time to study and learn. Happy to be part of Oneworld and even more happy when I can get to meet you all.

Anne, Switzerland

AMAZING! Great support in the detox week , perfect guidance in cooking and yoga and I could ask my questions to Dr Ninnu. A detox week to do for sure! Lost 3 kilos in 1 week.

Christina, Australia

I loved this experience: very easy to follow and very supportive. Awesome team. The recipes are delicious and I felt immediately very energised and very good. I really recommend this program.

Daniela, US