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Panchakarma Testimonials

I have experienced PK in both India and Srilanka. My experience this past week with Oneworld has been the most professional and holistic yet. I will return whilst continuing to refer my clients to you. Suksma Oneworld.

Leanne, New Zealand

I arrived very exhausted and depleted and am leaving like new person, deeply restored, nourished and at peace.

Christina, Germany

An investment in yourself and your health. A truly luxorious getaway into the jungle to cleanse your mind and body. Professional, friendly staff and stunning jungle surrounding. A rigorous nourishing schedule of pampering treatmets to detoxing sessions. Restorative yoga morning and evening with delicious meals in between. I can’t fault my 7 day experience and only hope I can start every January like this.

Camilla, US

Life-changing. Both a physical and emotional detox. I learnt a lot and was impresed with quality and variety of treatments. Really enjoyed the tailor-made diet and healing plan. Excellent yoga and meditation teacher.

Joanna, Poland

This was the most amazing experience for me, a kind of re awakening, physically, and mentally. One is nurtured here at OWA. Lovingly through the special treatments, exquisite food, and a phenomenal support system which guides each step of the process of healing, creating a sacred space for that journey. Thank you OWA team for your kindness, your spirit, your care.

Christyne, US

It’s my 3rd time in less than 1 year that I have spent time here (May 2021, August 2021, and now February 2022). I love this place, the people, the treatments, the food and everytime I walk out of OWA I feel better.

Peter, Germany

Oneworld takes it to the next level. The personal and intimate atmosphere together with high end service, wonderful staff, daily professional doctor care, excellent treatments and divine food made this whole experience just great. Thank you for letting me recharge my baterries and detox my body and mind.

Lena, Switzearland

This experience has opened me up to how my body and lifestyle can benifit from ongoing maintenance. Being a man in my 50’s I know I can live a long vital life (good willing) and enjoy being a mature man. Personally I belive this experience has changed my life forever. Thank you Dr. Ninnu & the team.


This was a truly beautiful process to engage with my son, Ayurvedic practice, Balinese culture and wonderful treatments. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Tim, Australia

I was amazed by how indepth this cleanse was. I feel energised and rejuvenated after my 10 day detox. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you to the whole team. The experience service has been incredible.

Emma, UK