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Panchakarma Testimonials

Fabulous authentic PK in the hilly jungles of Bali, that will exceed expectations in every way. This beat the socks off the PK I did in India, yet was every bit as authentic and powerful. Dr. Ninnu is gifted and passionate. I felt taken care of, every step of the way. Gift this to yourself, I certainly will again.

Kane, USA

Such a life changing experience. I’m beyond words happy that I started my new solar year here at OWA. It was a small life, I loved it all. I came here feeling so exhausted and I’m leaving totally reborn. It was a pleasure to meet such good people here. Dr. Ninnu is simply the best, such a lovely human being. I will definitely be back with my fiance.

Reutova, Russia

I have done several PK in the past, and this was by far the best. The quality of care, treatments, food, everything was exceptional! The personal treatment was the best after all, I appreciate the daily check up with the doctors and the program being uniquely tailored to each individual. It was truly life changing and transformative.

Sandi, USA

An incredibly healing, relaxing, and enlightening experience.

Guerrero, USA

The attention to details is second to none at Oneworld ayurveda. Each employee authentically cared about your healing journey, and it is evident in every step of your panchakarma. The meals are well thought out specifically for you and the presentation is artfully tasteful. The views from every part of the property are breathtaking, my husband and I immediately felt relaxed upon our arrival. The knowledge shared to us by the team is priceless. We highly recommend Oneworld Ayurveda to all of our friends and family.

Zerda, USA

Wow! What an incredible, transformative, nourishing & rejuvenating experience! As an entrepreneur & mother of two young kids, it can be so challenging to make time for selfcare. Honestly, I have never been away from my kids for this long, but it was so worth it! Now my entire family gets me at full-tank, instead of running on low energy. What surprised me the most was that you don’t know what you don’t know. Within 5 minutes the doctors told me more about myself than ever I was aware. And in less than 7 days (I felt different by day 2) I felt dramatically more “Me” than I have in a very very long time. Thank you! I will return 🙂

Patel, USA

I Came here totally stressed out. In 10 days you managed to fix me back. I Can’t find words to express how grateful I am. I didn’t need to think about anything. The whole concept, staff, doctors, yoga were nice, professional, friendly. For sure I will come back.

Dobrila, Slovenia

We came as strangers, we left as family! The staff were exceptional, the food phenomenal and even the other guests were lovely and friendly. There must be something in the air with this place. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday and start a new year. We did the 3 days 2 nights shorter stay & will be back to do a 7 days panchakarma treatment.

Aishah, Malaysia

Having done eight Panchakarma treatments over the last 10 years, in India, the Himalaya and Sri Lanka, I have to say that my experience at Oneworld is the best. Everything, the accomodations, doctors, yoga and meditation classes, treatments, food, activities, friendliness and courtesy of the staff, everything combines to make for a world class experience. Really it’s exceptional. If you’re considering a destination for an Ayurveda retreat, look no farther, you couldn’t do better than Oneworld.

George, Indonesia

Great care, great professionalism, gentle experience, excellent re-set for the body. Amazing place and super-friendly people, will do it every year and also bring my parents! I think I never experienced that level of relaxation and peace before. Maybe once in another Oneworld retreat 🙂

Svetlana, Indonesia