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Oneworld is simply an amazing healing sanctuary. It exceeded all my hopes. Down to substantial kilos almost 9 in the 21 days of Panchakarma. And just as importantly is that my mind is calm, emotionally present and I am able to walk infinitely better than when I arrived. This was a fantastic experience and has made me receive the unconditional compassion and care everyone at Oneworld Ayurveda provides daily. I look forward to returning in a year or so for a tune-up. I am excited and confident that I will continue my progress and even more improvement in all areas. Put in as much effort as you can and the lovely folks here will escort you to results that will please you and motivate you further.


First and foremost taking a break from everyday life and stepping into another environment purposely designed for self-reflection and relaxation was a gift. Despite only being in this beautiful setting for eight days, I feel it has set a path for more conscious living and self-understanding. I arrived completely run down and leave wonderfully revitalised. Thanks to all the amazing staff and management!


This is a great and unique experience. The location beside rice field is beautiful, Dr. Ninnu and the team are very kind and very dedicated, the treatments are very pleasant, relaxing and detoxing, the food enables you to eat in a very healthy way. Lots of vegetables and you travel with the tastes of India. The combination of all these elements makes you feel more relaxed, lighter, more focused and you have new energy.


My family and I have spent ten wonderful days in Oneworld Ayurveda. We discovered Ayurveda and got great benefits after just a few days; weight loss, more energetic, less joint pain. The Oneworld Ayurveda retreat place is amazing, the food is excellent despite the fact it is vegetarian, Ayurvedic and so on. There is no compromise on the pleasure of great taste, the treatments are diverse, personalised, effective and for most of them, a moment of extreme pleasure and relaxation. The yoga classes are very diverse and you do not feel bored. At the end, I have spent ten days of relaxation and health detox that will hopefully last long. This is not only my opinion, but also the one of all guests during our stay. Thanks so much to Claude and the team. We felt part of a family because the small size of the resort enhances the feeling of being taken care of as a person rather than another guest.


Oneworld Ayurveda has it all: A stunning location, fabulous facilities, compassionate and caring therapists, knowledgeable professional Ayurvedic physicians, great food and wonderful atmosphere created by the staff. And just as important, it delivers a truly authentic Panchakarma and real results for clients. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a genuine Ayurvedic retreat combined with beautiful and luxurious surroundings, this is it!


It was fantastic experience I had with this place and great staffs. I would love to come back again to do 10 – 14 days Panchakarma treatment next time! Thank you.


It has been a great, quite intense experience. The really respectful and friendly staff, the place, the Ayurvedic physicians, quality of the food, the walks, it is the total package. But overall, the differences in how I have been feeling and the knowledge I have gained here have been made it worth it. A big thanks!


It has been a great experience. This Panchakarma is a program which needs at least 10-days. Afterwards, I feel totally refresh and much lighter with changes in the body and mind. It is something I will for sure do it again, if possible once a year. Thank you!


My Panchakarma was excellent. Every single person was very accommodating. Each person started to understand your likes/dislikes and made adjustments accordingly. The doctors were amazing and full of knowledge. You feel confident that you are in good hands. Nora was a great conductor and makes me feel right at home and comfortable to be yourself. Tekok was a great liaison to the Balinese culture, a great manager, and an excelllent yoga instructor. The therapists were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Housekeeping was attentive. The food was very tasty! The chef was great at teaching on cooking demo day. Overall an amazing experience.


My Panchakarma experience has been beyond any other retreat I have experienced so far. The treatments, the service, the staff and the highly professional Ayurvedic physicians are groundbreaking and exceptional. I have been to many retreats in Europe and Asia, but Oneworld Ayurveda is by far the best place that excels in all areas, such as venue, food, quality of treatment and above all the friendliest, most amazing therapists. I am overwhelmed by a deep sense of gratitude and I feel humbled to have received so much care and healing from the amazing therapists. I will definitely be back very soon.