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Panchakarma Testimonials

The Panchakarma experience was profoundly healing for me. I feel it was exactly what my body, mind & soul needed and the entire journey was divine. The treatments, the staff, the meals, location, Doctor, Claude, every single thing was perfect. I came here after getting sick with fever, I am leaving here feeling like a brand new-born person. I feel everyone should come to Ayurveda Panchakarma, it is powerful and life changing deep soul & body medical. Namaste.

Dashama, USA

March, 2018

A place where you are cared as at home. The opportunity to feel yourselft like a child, who is tought to live a healthy life. Professional, benevolent and genuinely caring staff is not a general phrase, but the feeling that arises here. Delicious food is cooking accorging to Ayurvedic recipes. Attentive Doctor from the Indian Ayurvedic family. I’am very greatful to this place and people for their support on the difficult way of changing my own habits.

Valentyna, Ukraine

March, 2018

Life changing experience, I am very satisfied. I’m leaving this place not only feeling better and renewed, but also more aware of my body’s health and awareness of my life style and my eating habits. I am coming back next year with my sister. I am planning on doing this once a year. Thank you so much for this loving space, and of course the loving people who took amazing care of me.

Luisa, USA

March, 2018

I have had the most incredible week! Every single member of staff has contributed to my healing and I feel a greater sense of wellbeing as I now leave. The level of care, professionalsm and attention to detail has been extraordinary. I felt I was in safe hands throughout the entire process of my pancha karma and had complete faith in Dr. Ninnu and the treatment plan set for me. I am humbled by the sincerity and genuine care and devotion of the Balinese people and hope to carry some of this love on my next journey. You’ve created an absolute sanctuary to experience the profound healing qualities of Ayurveda. Om Shanti.

Nicole, New Zealand

March, 2018

My experience was life-changing ! The treatments & food & staff & other guests here have all been helpful & therapatic. I came here to detox from life & I got exactly what I wanted & needed. The setting is stunning & beautiful , and you can’t help but be present here, which is exactly what I needed- to be present & ground myself, while surrounded by gorgeous beauty. The detox day, albeit difficult , was amazing and I felt so much better-mentally, physically, after that! Dr. Ninnu is lovely & intelligent. He definitely knows his “stuff” & cares about all of his patients. He listened & helped me get exactly the experience I wanted. Claude , the owner is fabulous & so friendly. Thank you all for a life -changing experience! I will be back.

Lori, USA

February, 2018

This has been such an amazing experience. Oneworld Ayurveda takes not only your physical well-being into consideration, but also your mind & spirit. I’ve never experienced so much love and support from people I don’t know – the Doctors Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Haritha, the therapists, the yoga teacher, the kitchen personel, the cleaning personel as well as the other guests here. I will be forever greatfull for this experience. I came here for physical healing but, it has also been a deep emotional healing for me, because of Oneworld Ayurveda’s holistic approach to health.

Magdalena, Sweden

February, 2018

I had no expectations or idea what it was all about. I only wanted to ‘reset’ and work on myself in a totally different way. Well I got 500% more than I expected. It was a wonderful experience Panchakarma itself. I will judge an that in a couple of weeks, but for now it feels good. But the whole set up of OWA is beyond words, the details of everything and especially the mix of Balinese culture and the respect for where we are made this stay unbelievable. Thank you so much.

Caroline, Netherlands

February, 2018

Wonderful experience professional and compassionate staff. As soon as I entered the beautiful reception area to check in I was greeted with water and tea and felt very welcomed. I enjoyed all of the food, treatments and new people I met during our stay. I would recommend Oneworld, it’s an amazing experience and I feel more clear, light, and focused for my future endeavours. Thank you so much to all the staff and Claude for creating such an amazing space to get healthy and be mindful of what matters in life.

Quintana, USA

February 2018

This was my first Panchakarma experience, but it won’t be my last. I leave this beautiful cocoon life here with a lightness of body and spirit that I haven’t felt in ages. It’s hard to imagine anything that the retreat has left out in its attempt to make a joyful and meaningful experience for guests. Imagine even providing paints and art paper in each room. Thanks to Claude and all the exceptional caring staff for a great experience. I’ll be back.

Sue, Indonesia

February, 2018

It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind and I enjoyed meeting everyone from all over the world. I came here to give my body an overall cleanse and to give myself a head start in changing destructive habits in my life. Oneworld was a great start in doing that. The staff is excellent. Thank you!

Lauren, USA

February, 2018