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Claude, Dr. Aparna, Dr. Ninnu, Tekok, Nora, and every single member of the team went above and beyond to make your Panchakarma a wonderful and authentic experience. The location is glorious and is a truly healing environment. The gardeners need special mention as the gardens are also amazing. The rooms are beautiful and the food is really lovely, and an important part of the healing. Chef Wayan gives regular Ayurvedic cooking lesson, not to be missed! The doctors really care about their patients and create a very personal Panchakarma just for you. They give talks about Ayurveda and this make you want to learn more. I would recommend Oneworld Ayurveda to everyone.


My Panchakarma experience was more than I knew to ask for. The depth of care and quality of the experience was life-changing. I felt more held, nurtured and loved on my healing journey than anything I could have asked for. The deep dive within myself and the sacred space provided by the entire team and the land were powerful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, loving, and powerfully peaceful place. I will see you again soon.


An all-inclusive package to a healthier life! I had the seven days package and I loved every moment of my stay. It was my first and but definitely not my last. Breathtaking environment in nature, authentic treatments and amazing staffs. The most valuable gift you have is your health so why not invest to keep it!


The staff was considerate and courteous at all times and I would sincerely thank them for their generosity and patience. Overall the Panchakarma for me was unique and I have no regrets as it has informed me of another way of looking at and living life. I leave with very positive thoughts of Oneworld Ayurveda and I highly recommend a treatment here. I wish Claude and all staff a very promising, positive future, for all people including me to be more conscious of our planet and live life in moderation.


From the highs of relaxing to the lows of a healing crisis or two, everyone was caring, supportive and calm. This was the first time I have experienced a Pancakarma and while it was completely unexpected, I was committed and engaged by the process. I feel better, relaxed, and refreshed. Many thanks to Dr. Aparna and Dr. Ninnu. My admiration and appreciation of all the staff for the caring and supportive environment they create together, is immense. This will not be my last Panchakarma experience.


The whole experience has been fantastic! I enjoyed every single minute and am so grateful that Icame here. The rooms are great to relax in, a comfortable atmosphere, the treatments were amazing. I have never seen staff so dedicated and full of smiles. All meals were delicious and you can feel that the food heals you. Special thanks to Dr. Aparna and Dr. Ninnu for their time and energy to help me during and after my Panchakarma. All the staff were so caring and attentive, I felt pampered like in a 5-star hotel. I will come back!


This was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Oneworld Ayurveda staff and physicians understood what I needed during my Panchakarma and did everything they could to tailor the program and to support me. Every detail of my stay felt like it was created to enhance my Panchakarma experience. The level of authentic care is unparalleled and can be felt from the moment you are picked up at the airport. Thank you to the staff, it takes each one of you to make it a truly special experience.


It has been a great experience. This Panchakarma is a program which needs at least 10-days. Afterwards, I feel totally refresh and much lighter with changes in the body and mind. It is something I will for sure do it again, if possible once a year. Thank you!


My Panchakarma was excellent. Every single person was very accommodating. Each person started to understand your likes/dislikes and made adjustments accordingly. The doctors were amazing and full of knowledge. You feel confident that you are in good hands. Nora was a great conductor and makes me feel right at home and comfortable to be yourself. Tekok was a great liaison to the Balinese culture, a great manager, and an excelllent yoga instructor. The therapists were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Housekeeping was attentive. The food was very tasty! The chef was great at teaching on cooking demo day. Overall an amazing experience.


I did not have too many expectations upfront, since this was the first time in a PK for me. I was just looking for a good combination of relaxation, learning yoga and doing something good for my mistreated health, somehow getting disconnected from daily life. What I found was amazing; *A combination of incredibly relaxing and energizing treatments, *Yoga and meditation classes that were sometimes challenging but still a perfect start for a beginner like me, since the teacher was always looking for each individual’s level, *Delicious vegetarian food, perfectly prepared and cooked accordingly to the principles of Ayurveda (I was amazed although being non-vegetarian) All of this offered by professional and very heartful and friendly staff in a perfectly beautiful, quiet and intimate environment. * But best of all certainly were the professional ayurvedic doctors that are not treating you just like a customer, but instead really like a patient, always focussing on your personal health issues or targets. They have all the freedom by the management to do whatever is necessary to help you – even if this means having additional treatments. Thank you!