My family and I have spent ten wonderful days in Oneworld Ayurveda. We discovered Ayurveda and got great benefits after just a few days; weight loss, more energetic, less joint pain. The Oneworld Ayurveda retreat place is amazing, the food is excellent despite the fact it is vegetarian, Ayurvedic and so on. There is no compromise on the pleasure of great taste, the treatments are diverse, personalised, effective and for most of them, a moment of extreme pleasure and relaxation. The yoga classes are very diverse and you do not feel bored. At the end, I have spent ten days of relaxation and health detox that will hopefully last long. This is not only my opinion, but also the one of all guests during our stay. Thanks so much to Claude and the team. We felt part of a family because the small size of the resort enhances the feeling of being taken care of as a person rather than another guest.