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Oneworld Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre

Dedicated to truly authentic Panchakarma—the ultimate and most effective healing experience in the science of Ayurveda. Run by highly-qualified Ayurvedic doctors with a loving and caring team, giving each guest a memorable healing experience.

Experiencing Panchakarma is beyond a spa wellness holiday and is giving the self ‘me time’. It is a gift of rejuvenation to the body, mind and soul that everyone deserves.

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What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is an effective detoxification method for the body and mind, which also strengthens the immune-system and restores health and well-being. It is based in the science of Ayurveda, which is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as one of the world's oldest holistic health-care systems from India.

Your Panchakarma programme in Oneworld Ayurveda is put together according to the number of days you have chosen to stay with us and your health issues. The initial diagnosis and daily consultations with the Ayurvedic doctor will ensure you receive the best treatments – the longer the stay, the more efficient the Panchakarma.

What happens during a Panchakarma?
  • Natural herbs and ingredients
  • All natural medicine in Panchakarma
  • Authentic Ayurvedic treatments

Why people do a Panchakarma?

  • In need of a serious detox
  • Suffering from anxiety, nervous problems, lack of energy
  • Desire for more spiritual balance in your life
  • Suffering from physical and mental stress or insomnia
  • To age gracefully, delaying the inner and outer ageing process naturally
  • To reduce excess weight
  • Tackling hormonal, infertility, menopausal or andropausal issues
  • Looking for rejuvenation, both for body and mind
  • To tone up muscles and skin
  • Looking for a boost for energy and vitality
  • Learn about their doshas and how to keep them in balance

and many more...

How long should your Panchakarma be?

Try following these simple guidelines below. In general, though, the longer you stay, the better the results as ever-deeper levels get cleansed.



If you are not ill and are rather looking for a de-stressing, preventative stay.



Should you already have a diagnosis or feel that you are ill, a 14-night stay is the minimum we recommend.



To fix a long-standing or chronic health issue, an extended Panchakarma is the best solution.

Panchakarma Stories

What our guests are saying

  • This experience has opened me up to how my body and lifestyle can benifit from ongoing maintenance. Being a man in my 50’s I know I can live a long vital life (good willing) and enjoy being a mature man. Personally I belive this experience has changed my life forever. Thank you Dr. Ninnu & the team.
  • This was a truly beautiful process to engage with my son, Ayurvedic practice, Balinese culture and wonderful treatments. Cannot recommend highly enough.
    Tim, Australia
  • I was amazed by how indepth this cleanse was. I feel energised and rejuvenated after my 10 day detox. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you to the whole team. The experience service has been incredible.
    Emma, UK
  • It was an amazing experience. Being taken care by a lovely, loving team of people, attention to detail and how everything was personalized was very impressive. The spirit of the place and the team itself is felt. It is a healing place with lots of love and warm hearted people who love and put their hearts to the work they do which creates a trust relationship and a sense of safety and nourishing edge. Thank you Oneworld Ayurveda for creating a loving healing space.
    Dilahan, Turki
  • A wonderful experience! I’ve come out feeling a lot more rejuvenated & aligned. I will be applying what I’ve learned to my daily life. Thank you!
    Annie, Indonesia
  • This Panchakarma experience is what I have hoped for I’d get, received and learned. It has been life changing journey to my mind knowing that I can rely on food, plants and myself to be a healthier human, more mindful person and definitely a blessed woman. I’m hoping the universe, and my spirit guide will take to more journey like this here, at this place every time it’s time for me to reboot and reset and re-align.
    Nataya, Indonesia
  • It was an incredible experience and I wish all my loved ones could come. Everything is beautifully individualized, the rooms are done so nicely, the staff is beyond amazing! So caring, friendly and always knowing your name. During the treatments you feel like a baby cause they take so well care and the rituals around it are amazing! The food is healthy and nourishing and when you are still hungry you can get seconds! The whole property is very well taken care of and I love that you can always get a nice tea and body scrub. The yoga is just so beautiful and I was so excited for cooking class all the time. Thank you so much for this incredible experience!
    Louisa, Germany
  • Very special place, people and process I went very deep into this and was enjoying the experience a lot. The way it was given is very caring and touching, including staff and their love, food, exercises, and treatments are absolutely top level and outstanding. I’am recommending this place to all my friends and family. And hope my wife can go through this as soon as possible.
    Valerie, Australia
  • An incrediblle exoerience, so much thought and love goes into all the details. Much attention on the details which makes the diffrence. All the staff have been a joy to be around an should be so proud at what the are giving back.
    John, Indonesia
  • Surpassed my expectations. The marketing does no justice. OWA is very humble in my opinion & that makes it even more attractive. I’m going to recommend it, with no hesitation. It’s the whole package from the ayurveda education, ayurveda doctor consultation, treatments, food, yoga and activities. The signature touch on the package is the Balinesian Spirit. The balinese people are genuinely helpful, always with a kind smile, you can feel the warmth when they speak and serve you. They truly care and take pleasure in their profession. I’m looking forward to returning in the near future.
    Maria, USA

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