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Yoga, Meditation & Activities

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation, bringing together the body and the mind, are a perfect complement to a Panchakarma.

The yoga we offer is based on Hatha yoga and includes pranayama (breathing exercises). Ayurveda advocates a softer version of yoga during Panchakarma. It is ideal for reducing physical and mental stress as well as to quieten the mind.

Classes are offered in the morning and in the early evening and are held in the beautiful yoga hall overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful rice fields.

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  • Ayurvedic cooking class
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Cooking demonstrations

To familiarise you with Ayurvedic cooking, regular cooking demonstrations are offered. We hope that they will encourage you to keep up healthy eating habits back home!

Purification ritual

A purification ritual at one of Bali’s beautiful water temples is an unforgettable experience. Depending on your arrival time, you have the opportunity to do one on your first day, before the beginning of Panchakarma. It is not possible to do it during or after, as that would affect the results of your treatment.

Herbal walks

We grow most of the plants used for the medicines in our own permaculture gardens. You can explore them any time at your leisure, but regular guided walks with our gardener are offered as well. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the healing plants – observe, inhale, feel and taste!

Rice field walks

Rice field walks Our centre is surrounded by beautiful terraced rice fields in terraces with pathways for walks among them. Guided walks will be included in your schedule.


There will be regular informative talks on different topics. You will find them on your daily schedule.

Letting go ritual

We will conduct this ritual towards the end of your stay. Its purpose is to let go of everything that is no longer needed in your life.